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• Navajo Joe (1966) NAVAHO DŽO
• Nevada Smith (1966) NEVADA SMIT
• Night of the Grizzly, The (1966) NOĆ GRIZLIJA 
• Per il gusto di uccidere [aka Taste of Killing] (1966) SAM PROTIV BANDE [aka PRATILAC ZLATNE POŠILJKE]
• Per qualcho dollaro in meno [aka For a Few Dollars Less] (1966) ZA JOŠ KOJI DOLAR
• Professionals, The (1966) PROFESIONALCI 
• Quien sabe? [aka Bullet for the General, A] (1966) ZLATNI METAK [aka METAK ZA GENERALA]  
• Rare Breed (1966) RANČ BRAVO
• Resa dei conti, La [aka Big Gundown, The] (1966) VELIKI OBRAČUN
• Ride in the Whirlwind (1966) UZJAŠI DIVLJI VETAR 
• Shooting, The (1966) PUCANJ 
• Söhne der großen Bärin, Die [aka Sons of Great Bear, The] (1966) SINOVI VELIKE MEDVEDICE
• Stagecoach (1966) POŠTANSKA KOČIJA
Texas Across the River (1966) TEKSAS JE PREKO REKE
Texas, addio [aka Goodbye Texas] (1966) ADIO, TEKSAS
• Texican, The (1966) OSVETNIK IZ RIMROKA
• Trap, The (1966) TRAPER [aka ZAMKA]
• Winnetou und das Halbblut Apanatschi [aka Half-Breed] (1966) VINETU I APANAČI
• Winnetou und sein Freund Old Firehand [aka Thunder at the Border] (1966) VINETU I OLD FAJERHEND 
• Yankee (1966) JENKI

Navajo Joe (1966)
[Burt Reynolds, Aldo Sambrell, Nicoletta Machiavelli, Fernando Rey, Tanya Lopert]
The sole survivor of a bloody massacre vows revenge on his attackers and on the men who killed his wife. [Director: Sergio Corbucci] [93 min, ITA-SPA]

Nevada Smith (1966)
[Steve McQueen, Karl Malden, Brian Keith, Arthur Kennedy, Suzanne Pleshette, Raf Vallone, Janet Margolin, Pat Hingle]
Nevada Smith is the young son of an Indian mother and white father. When his father is killed by three men over gold, Nevada sets out to find them and kill them. The boy is taken in by a gun merchant. The gun merchant shows him how to shoot and to shoot on time and correct. Everything that Nevada does goes to killing those three men. He learns to read and write just to learn their location. He pays people to tell him where they're at. He even goes to prison to kill one of them. While the movie is a western and has plenty of action, it also takes a deep look into vengeance and how one can change after a haunting incident. [Director: Henry Hathaway] [128 min, USA]


Night of the Grizzly, The (1966)  
[Clint Walker, Martha Hyer, Keenan Wynn]
Marshall "Big Jim" Cole turns in his badge and heads to Wyoming with his family in order to settle on some land left him by a relative. He faces opposition both from a neighbor who wants that land for his own sons, and from a grizzly bear nicknamed "Satan" who keeps killing Cole's livestock. [Director: Joseph Pevney] [102 min, USA]

Per il gusto di uccidere [aka Taste of Killing] (1966)
[Craig Hill, George Martin, Piero Lulli, Fernando Sancho, Franco Ressel, George Wang, Diana Martín, Rada Rassimov, José Manuel Martín]
Dubious Bounty Killer Hank Fellows tracks bank stage coaches to observe them being robbed. Only afterwards does he move in on the bandits to collect his reward. The manager of the Omaha city bank persuades him to accept double the reward money on his last job if, this time, Fellows will prevent a threatened robbery taking place at all. [Director: Tonino Valerii] [86 min, SPA-ITA]



Per qualcho dollaro in meno [aka For a Few Dollars Less] (1966)
[Lando Buzzanca, Elio Pandolfi, Gloria Paul, Lucia Modugno, Angela Luce, Luigi Pavese]
In this parody of "For a Few Dollars More" Bill, an inept bank teller, finds a large shortage in his accounts. He comes up with a bizarre plan to obtain funds to cover the missing funds. He convinces his cousin Frank to help him in his join him. One pretends to be a bandit, while the other a bounty hunter to earn some money. Unfortunately end up captured by a ferocious gang of Mexican outlaws. [Director: Mario Mattoli] [95 min, ITA]

Professionals, The (1966)
[Burt Lancaster, Lee Marvin, Robert Ryan, Woody Strode, Jack Palance, Claudia Cardinale, Ralph Bellamy]
Wealthy J.W. Grant hires Henry Fardan, Jake Sharp, Hans Ehrengard and Bill Dolworth, each a specialist in his own field, to go into Mexico to bring back his wife, who has been kidnapped by the revolutionary Raza. Fardan and Dolworth, old comrades of Raza's, know both the territory and their foe, but a surprise awaits when they locate the captive Mrs. Grant. [Director: Richard Brooks] [117 min, USA]

Quien sabe? [aka Bullet for the General, A] (1966)
[Gian Maria Volonté, Klaus Kinski, Martine Beswick, Lou Castel, Jaime Fernández, Aldo Sambrell]
El Chuncho's bandits rob arms from a train, intending to sell the weapons to Elias' revolutionaries. They are helped by one of the passengers, Bill Tate, and allow him to join them, unware he is an assassin working for the Mexican government. [Director: Damiano Damiani] [135 min, ITA]

Rare Breed, The (1966)
[James Stewart, Maureen O'Hara, Brian Keith, Juliet Mills, Don Galloway, Jack Elam, Ben Johnson, Harry Carey Jr.]
When her husband dies en route to America, Martha Price and her daughter Hilary are left to carry out his dream: the introduction of Hereford cattle into the American West. They enlist Sam "Bulldog" Burnett in their efforts to transport their lone bull, a Hereford named Vindicator, to a breeder in Texas, but the trail is fraught with danger and even Burnett doubts the survival potential of this "rare breed" of cattle. [Director: Andrew V. McLaglen] [97 min, USA]

Resa dei conti, La [aka Big Gundown, The] (1966)
[Lee Van Cleef, Tomas Milian, Luisa Rivelli, Fernando Sancho, Nieves Navarro, Walter Barnes]
Jonathan Corbett is a gunman so Brave to have eliminated all the bandits of Texas. For this he is proposed for the candidacy to the Senate of the United States. In exchange he has only to support the construction of one railway line. Only after he accepts does he comes to know that the Mexican Cuchillo has raped and killed a 12 year old girl. Corbett leaves on a long manhunt. During this hunt Jonathan gets to know its adversary better and discovers a variation on the crime of which the accused Cuchillo may not be as guilty as he first thought. [Director: Sergio Sollima] [110 min, SPA-ITA]

Return of the Seven [aka Return of the Magnificent Seven] (1966)
[Yul Brynner, Robert Fuller, Julián Mateos, Warren Oates, Claude Akins, Elisa Montés, Fernando Rey]
When a bandit leader wants to build a church in memory of his dead sons, he raids three Mexican villages and kidnaps all the men for labour. One of these men is Chico, formerly of the original Magnificent Seven. His wife Petra immediately sets out to look for Chris and Vin, the other surviving members of the Seven. Chris recruits four others to reform the Seven, once again defending farmers from their oppressors. [Director: Burt Kennedy] [95 min, USA]

Ride in the Whirlwind (1966)
[Cameron Mitchell, Millie Perkins, Jack Nicholson, Katherine Squire, George Mitchell]
Wes, Vern and Indian Joe are three cowhands on the way to a cattle drive. Coming upon what is to be an omen of their future...outlaws hung by a group of vigilantes...the trio finds shelter at a cabin, only to discover that their "hosts" are men who have robbed a stagecoach and killed the driver. When an avenging posse attacks the cabin, Wes and Vern escape, only to find that they have become branded as 'outlaws' by the posse, who relentlessly pursue them. [Director: Monte Hellman] [82 min, USA]




Shooting, The (1967) 
[Will Hutchins, Millie Perkins, Jack Nicholson, Warren Oates, Charles Eastman] 
Willet Gashade (Oates), a former bounty hunter, returns to his small mining camp after a lengthy absence and finds his slow-witted friend Coley (Will Hutchins) in a state of fear. Coley explains to Gashade that their partner, Leland Drum (B. J. Merholz), had been shot to death two days before by an unseen assassin. The killing was possibly committed in revenge for the accidental trampling death of "a little person" in town, which may have been caused by Gashade’s brother, Coin. Coin had inexplicably rushed away from their camp moments before the shooting death. Gashade and Coley become increasingly paranoid, and Gashade takes his friend’s gun away from him. [Director: Monte Hellman] [82 min, USA]

Söhne der großen Bäri, Die [aka Sons of Great Bear, The] (1966)
[Gojko Mitic, Jirí Vrstála, Rolf Römer, Hans Hardt-Hardtloff, Gerhard Rachold, Horst Jonischka, Jozo Lepetic, Brigitte Krause]
Although the Indians were assured their lands adjacent to the Black Hills by contract, the Whites want to expel them. Meanwhile, gold has been discovered there and the unscrupulous settler, Red Fox, demands of Mattotaupa, chief of the Bears Clan belonging to the Dakota tribe, to reveal to him the location of a cave with gold deposits. Mattotaupa refuses and is stabbed to death by Red Fox in the presence of his son Tokei-ihto. Lieutenant Roach orders Tokei-ihto to Fort Smith in order to negotiate. The son of the slain chief suspects that the Whites are planning an ambush, a fear that is confirmed when he encounters Red Fox there. Tokei-ihto refuses to move to a reservation in an infertile area with his tribe and is incarcerated. When the Dakota Indians have been defeated and resettled, he is released. Tokei-ihto learns of the murder of the senior chief Tashunka-witko. Tokei-ihto now wants to fulfill his legacy... [Director: Josef Mach] [92 min, BRD-YUG]

Stagecoach (1966)
[Ann-Margret, Alex Cord, Red Buttons, Bing Crosby, Van Heflin, Stefanie Powers]
A group of unlikely traveling companions find themselves on the same stagecoach to Cheyenne. They include a drunken doctor, a bar girl who's been thrown out of town, a professional gambler, a traveling liquor salesman, a banker who has decided to embezzle money, a gunslinger out for revenge and a young woman going to join her army captain husband. All have secrets but when they are set upon by an Indian war party and then a family of outlaws, they find they must all work together if they are to stay alive. [Director: Gordon Douglas] [115 min, USA]

Texas Across the River (1966)
[Dean Martin, Alain Delon, Rosemary Forsyth, Joey Bishop, Tina Marquand, Peter Graves]
The Louisiana wedding of debutante Phoebe Ann Naylor to Don Andrea de Baldasar, El Duce de la Casala is stopped by the Cavalry over a matter of honor. Don Andrea flees across the river to Texas, where he meets up with Sam Hollis and his Indian sidekick, Kronk, who are carrying rifles to the town of Moccasin Flats. Don Andrea rescues an Indian maiden, Lonetta, tames some longhorns, competes with Sam for Phoebe's affections, eludes a Comanche war party and the cavalry (who have come to Moccasin Flats to celebrate Texas' statehood) and ultimately saves the town and gets his girl. [Director: Michael Gordon] [101 min, USA]

Texas, addio [aka Goodbye Texas] (1966)
[Franco Nero, Alberto Dell'Acqua, Elisa Montés, José Guardiola, Livio Lorenzon]
The tough gun-man Burt Sullivan leaves his job as a town sheriff to go to Mexico to find the man, Cisco, who killed his father many years ago. He and his younger brother arrive in a small town where everybody is afraid of Cisco who has become the local landowner. But there is a secret. It turns out that Cisco is the father of Burt's younger brother and Cisco are craving for respect from his "son". Burt Sullivan joins forces with the local townspeople to stop and bring Cisco back to his punishment in Texas. [Director: Ferdinando Baldi] [93 min, ITA-SPA]

Texican, The (1966)
[Audie Murphy, Broderick Crawford, Diana Lorys, Luz Márquez, Antonio Casas, Antonio Molino Rojo Aldo Sambrell]
Wanted north of the border, Jess Carlin resides safely in Mexico. Then he hears his brother was killed in a gunfight with another man. Knowning his brother never carried a gun he heads north to find his brother's killer. After battling bounty hunters he arrives in Rimrock, a town controlled by Luke Starr. Starr is the man he wants but he unable to find any evidence until he is given an item found by his brother's body. [Director: Lesley Selander] [91 min, USA-SPA]
Trap, The (1966)
[Rita Tushingham, Oliver Reed, Rex Sevenoaks, Barbara Chilcott, Linda Goranson, Walter Marsh]
A fur trapper takes a mute girl as his unwilling wife to live with him in his remote cabin in the woods. Fur trapper Jean La Bête (Oliver Reed) paddles his canoe through wild water towards the settlement in order to sell a load of furs. At the settlement a steamboat is landing and the trader and his foster-child Eve (Rita Tushingham), arrive at the seaport to fetch mail and consumer goods. The trader explains to Eve that the ship brings "Jailbirds ... from the east" and that "their husbands-to-be had bailed them out and paid their fines and their passages with a guarantee of marriage". Later, the captain is auctioning off one of those women because her husband-to-be has died in the meantime. Jean La Bête decides to take his chance to buy the wife, but he makes his bid too late. [Director: Sidney Hayers] [106 min, CAN-UK]

Winnetou und das Halbblut Apanatschi [aka Half-Breed] (1966)
[Lex Barker, Pierre Brice, Götz George, Uschi Glas, Ralf Wolter, Walter Barnes] 
The movie tells the story of Apanatschi and her little brother Happy who need protection by Winnetou and Old Shatterhand because they know where a gold mine is. Bandits with their leader Curly Bill want to know, too - and they stop at nothing and even killed Apanatschi's father. [Director: Harald Philipp] [90 min, BRD-ITA-YUG]

Winnetou und sein Freund Old Firehand [aka Thunder at the Border] (1966)
[Rod Cameron, Pierre Brice, Marie Versini, Todd Armstrong, Harald Leipnitz, Viktor de Kowa]
Winnetou (Pierre Brice) and his sister Nscho-tschi (Marie Versini) meet Old Firehand (Rod Cameron) and protect a Mexican town against bandits. In a time when the popularity of the series faded, even the return of Marie Versini didn't help much. Rod Cameron was the star of a Karl May western for the first and last time. He didn't appeal one tenth as much to the kids as his predecessor Lex Barker as Old Shatterhand had done. The affected manners of Viktor de Kowa as Ravenhurst did not make him another Castlepool. [Director: Alfred Vohrer] [98 min, BRD-YUG]

Yankee (1966)
[Philippe Leroy, Adolfo Celi, Mirella Martin]

Yankee, (Philippe Leroy in his first western) is a bounty killer who decides to take on a bandit chief and his henchmen when he realises the prices on all their heads adds up to a tidy sum. The bandit, El Grande Concho (Adolfo Celi), is lord of the entire region and resides like a king at court in an abandoned church surrounded by his entourage of philosopher, painter, fortune teller and soldiers; robbing and murdering anyone who ventures into his territory. Add to this a shipment of gold big enough to make them all rich beyond their dreams and the stage is set for gunplay, intrigue and cruelty as the lone gunman sets his wits and skills against the might of the megalomaniac leader. [Director: Tinto Brass] [92 min, ITA]  

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