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• 100 Rifles (1969) 100 PUŠAKA
• Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid (1969) BUČ KASIDI I SANDENS KID
• Charro! (1969) ČARO
• Collina degli stivali, La [aka Boot Hill] (1969) BRDO ČIZAMA
• Corde, un Colt..., Une [aka Rope and the Colt, The] (1969) KONOPAC I KOLT
• Death of a Gunfighter (1969) PREGRŠT OLOVA
• Desperado, El [aka Dirty Outlaws, The] (1969) POKVARENI ODMETNICI
• Desesperados, Los [aka Bullet for Sandoval, A] (1969) METAK ZA SANDOVALA 
• Esercito di cinque uomini, Un [aka Five Man Army] (1969) PETORICA U AKCIJI
• Good Guys and the Bed Guys, The (1969) DOBRI MOMCI I LOŠI MOMCI
• Guns of the Magnificent Seven (1969) REVOLVERI SEDAM VELIČANSTVENIH 
• Land Raiders (1969) NEPRIJATELJ APAČA

100 Rifles (1969)
[Jim Brown, Raquel Welch, Burt Reynolds, Fernando Lamas, Dan O'Herlihy]
Reynolds plays Yaqui Joe, an Indian who robs a bank in order to buy guns for his people who are being savagely repressed by the government. Set in turn of the century Mexico, it tells the story of his flight into Mexico and his pursuit by an American lawman. They eventually become allies and team up with Welch to take up the cause of the Indians. [Director: Tom Gries] [USA]

Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid (1969)
[Paul Newman, Robert Redford, Katharine Ross, Strother Martin, Henry Jones, Jeff Corey, Cloris Leachman]
Butch and Sundance are the two leaders of the Hole-in-the-Wall Gang. Butch is all ideas, Sundance is all action and skill. The west is becoming civilized and when Butch and Sundance rob a train once too often, a special posse begins trailing them no matter where they run. Over rock, through towns, across rivers, the group is always just behind them. When they finally escape through sheer luck, Butch has another idea, "Let's go to Bolivia". Based on the exploits of the historical characters. [Director: George Roy Hill] [USA]

Charro! (1969)
[Elvis Presley, Ina Balin, Victor French, Barbara Werle, Solomon Sturges]
Jess Wade is innocently accused of having stolen a cannon from the Mexican revolutionary forces. He tries to find the real culprits, a gang of criminals. [Director: Charles Marquis Warren] [USA]

Collina degli stivali, La [aka Boot Hill] (1969)
[Terence Hill, Woody Strode, Bud Spencer, Eduardo Ciannelli, Glauco Onorato, Victor Buono, Lionel Stander]
Honey Fisher has become a powerful man in this small Western town that has grown up around gold-prospecting fields. Fisher and his gang have managed, through swindling, murder, and terror, to gain leases on the important gold-yielding land in the area. A state commissioner comes to town to review the leases, which are crucial to Fisher's power. Cat Stevens and Hutch Bessy join forces with circus performers and townsfolk led by Stevens' friend Finch to fight against Fisher and his henchmen. [Director: Giuseppe Colizzi] [ITA]

Corde, un Colt..., Une [aka Rope and the Colt, The] (1969)
[Michèle Mercier, Robert Hossein, Lee Burton, Daniel Vargas, Serge Marquand]
Hossien stars as a leather-clad killer, drawn into a tragic kidnap/murder plot by his former flame Michelle Mercier. An almost totally visual film with perhaps not more than two dozen lines of dialogue. [Director: Robert Hossein] [FRA-ITA]

Death of a Gunfighter (1969)
[Richard Widmark, Lena Horne, Carroll O'Connor, David Opatoshu, Kent Smith, Jacqueline Scott, John Saxon]
In the turn-of-the century Texas town of Cottownwood Springs, marshal Frank Patch is an old-style lawman in a town determined to become modern. When he kills drunken Luke Mills in self-defense, the town leaders decide it's time for a change. That ask for Patch's resignation, but he refuses on the basis that the town on hiring him had promised him the job for as long as he wanted it. Afraid for the town's future and even more afraid of the fact that Marshal Patch knows all the town's dark secrets, the city fathers decide that old-style violence is the only way to rid themselves of the unwanted lawman. [Directors: Don Siegel and Robert Totten (really Don Siegel & Robert Totten, as Allen Smithee)] [USA]

Desperado, El [aka Dirty Outlaws, The] (1969)
[Andrea Giordana, Rosemary Dexter, Franco Giornelli, Dana Ghia, Aldo Berti, Giovanni Petrucci, John Bartha] They dealt in violence and death! I liked Chip Corman (Andrea Giordana) as Steve, El Desperado, who spends much of his screen time in a Confederate soldier uniform masquerading as a blind man's returning son. He's not, of course, he's really after a stash of gold the blind man has been saving, hidden in a ghost town that's right out of Django, all mud and muck. Pretty soon though a gang shows up to waylay a Confederate payroll that's rolling through the town. The only negatives are the unavoidable fistfight/barroom brawl and a scene where Desperado gets kicked around in the mud which goes on too long. [Director: Franco Rossetti] [ITA-SPA]

Desesperados, Los [aka Bullet for Sandoval, A] (1969)
[Ernest Borgnine, George Hilton, Annabella Incontrera, Alberto de Mendoza, Leo Anchóriz, Gustavo Rojo]
A soldier deserts his outfit the night before a major battle, after receiving an urgent message. He heads across the border to Mexico to marry his pregnant girlfriend before she gives birth. Her father had forbidden their marriage, but the soldier is determined. Circumstances turn the soldier into an outlaw who vows vengeance on everyone involved. [Director: Julio Buchs] [SPA-ITA]

Esercito di cinque uomini, Un [aka Five Man Army] (1969)
[Peter Graves, James Daly, Bud Spencer, Nino Castelnuovo, Tetsurô Tanba, Claudio Gora, Daniela Giordano]
Set during the Mexican Revolution, a man known only as "The Dutchman" has a plan, and brings in four of his old acquaintences, including an old army buddy and a silent Japanese swordsman, to help him out by promising a $1000 reward if it succeeds. The plan turns out to be a fool's mission: rob a train carrying $500,000 in gold that's guarded by dozens of heavily armed soldiers and passes through a steady stream of military checkpoints. Naturally, his friends agree to go along with the scheme. [Directors: Don Taylor and Italo Zingarelli] [ITA]

Good Guys and the Bed Guys, The (1969)
[Robert Mitchum, George Kennedy, Martin Balsam, David Carradine, Tina Louise, Douglas Fowley, John Carradine, Marie Windsor, Kathleen Freeman]
Marshal Flagg, an aging lawman about to be retired, hears that his old nemesis, the outlaw McKaye, is back in the area and planning a robbery. Riding out to hunt down McKaye, Flagg is captured by McKaye's gang and finds out that McKaye is no longer the leader of the gang, but is considered just an aging relic by the new leader, a youngster named Waco. Waco orders Mackaye to shoot Flagg, and when Mackaye refuses Waco abandons both of them. Flagg then takes Mackaye back to town only to find out that he has been "retired", and when he sees how clueless and incompetent the new marshal and the city fathers are, he persuades Mackaye that it is up to the two of them to stop Waco and his gang from ravaging the town. [Director: Burt Kennedy] [USA]

Guns of the Magnificent Seven (1969)
[George Kennedy, James Whitmore, Monte Markham, Reni Santoni, Bernie Casey, Scott Thomas, Joe Don Baker]
A Mexican revolutionary hires an American gunslinger to organize the rescue of their leader from a brutal army prison. [Director: Paul Wendkos] [USA]

Land Raiders (1969)
[Telly Savalas, George Maharis, Arlene Dahl, Janet Landgard, Fernando Rey, Gustavo Rojo]
An outlaw committing a string of robberies and murders manages to blame the crimes on Apaches, bringing about an Indian war. Ruthless Vince Carden dominates the Arizona-territory town of Forge River and buys the scalps of murdered Indians. He has driven his brother Paul from his home, and this leads to the total disillusionment of his wife Martha. Haunted by the mysterious death of a girl he had loved, Paul ends his wandering and joins a wagon train heading for Forge River; with the train is Kate Mayfield, who is returning home after years of school in the East. Paul and Kate are the sole survivors when Apaches attack the train, in reprisal for a slaughter staged by Vince's men. Vince uses the Indian attack on the train as an excuse to lead the raid on a defenseless Apache village, which sparks a massive assault on Forge River. [Director: Nathan Juran] [USA] 

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