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• Ardor, El [aka Ardor] (2014) ARDOR
• Book of Negroes, The (2014) KNJIGA CRNACA [SERIJA, 6 EPIZODA]  
• Deliverance Creek (2014) DELIVERENS KRIK
• Field of Lost Shoes (2014) POLJE IZGUBLJENIH CIPELA
• Fine Step, A (2014) LEP KORAK
• Stranded [aka Doc Holliday's Revenge] (2014) OSVETA DOKA HOLIDEJA

Ardor, El [aka Ardor] (2014)
[Gael García Bernal ... Kaí, Alice Braga ... Vania, Chico Díaz, Claudio Tolcachir ... Tarquinho, Iván Steinhardt ... Man without Revolver, Jorge Sesán, Lautaro Vilo ... Jara, Julián Tello ... Vando]
- A mysterious man emerges from the Argentinean rainforest to help a poor farmer and his daughter, who are threatened by a band of mercenaries hired to force them to sell their land. take over his property. [Director: Pablo Fendrik] [101 min, 2.35 : 1, Drama l Western, ARG-MEX-BRA-FRA-USA-SPA]
- Tajanstveni šaman iz amazonske šume spasava ženu koju su kidnapovali plaćenici koji su ubili njenog oca farmera i uzeli njenu imovinu...

Blood Moon (2014)
[George Blagden ... Jake Norman, Tom Cotcher ... Lloyd Walker, Barrington De La Roche ... Ahiga, Raffaello Degruttola ... Jeb Norton, Shaun Dooley ... Calhoun, Jack Fox ... Wade, Dave Fulton ... Glen, Corey Johnson ... Hank Norton, Tony Law ... Yancy, Eleanor Matsuura ... Black Deer, Amber Jean Rowan ... Sarah Norman, Kerry Shale ... Father Domonic, Anna Skellern ... Marie, David Sterne ... Charlie Packham, Joan Walker ... Joanie Loumis]
- A stagecoach of travelers, a gunslinger and two outlaws arrive in a deserted mining town lit by the glow of a reddish full moon. As their worlds collide, they are hunted by a beast that only appears on the night of a blood moon. 1887. Colorado. A deserted town lit by the glow of a reddish full moon. A stagecoach full of passengers and an enigmatic gunslinger find themselves prisoners of two outlaws on the run. As the travelers attempt to outwit the outlaws it becomes apparent that a bigger menace lurks outside; a beast that only appears on the night of a blood red moon. [Director: Jeremy Wooding] [90 min, 2.35 : 1, Horror l Thriller l Western, UK]
- Kolorado, 1887. godina. Pusti grad osvetljen je sjajem crvenkastog punog meseca. Poštanska kočija puna putnika i zagonetni revolveraš postaju zarobljenici dva odmetnika u begu. Dok putnici pokušavaju da nadmudre odmetnike, postaje očigledno da veća pretnja vreba spolja: zver koja se pojavljuje samo u noći krvavo crvenog meseca...

Book of Negroes, The (2014)

Oteta u Africi i odvedena u Južnu Karolinu, Aminata se mora pridružiti revoluciji kako bi pokušala da osigura svoju slobodu… Serija prati životnu priču mlade devojke, Aminate Dialo (A. Ellis) koja je oteta iz svoje domovine u Africi, i odvedena u Ameriku kao rob za rad na plantažama pamuka, i njenoj stalnoj borbi da preživi i jednog dana se vrati kući.

Book of Negroes, The (2014) Episode 1
[Aunjanue Ellis ... Aminata Diallo, Ben Chaplin ... Cpt. John Clarkson, Greg Bryk ... Robertson Appleby, Shailyn Pierre-Dixon ... Young Aminata, Siya Xaba ... Young Chekura, Sandra Caldwell ... Georgia, Antonio David Lyons ... Happy Jack, Andile Gumbi ... Mamadu, Nondumiso Tembe ... Fanta, Thishiwe Ziqubu ... Sira, Clayton Evertson ... D'Silva, Robin Smith ... William King, Aubrey Poo ... Biton, Zethu Dlomo ... Sanu, Anele Matoti ... Hanif]
A young girl is taken from her home in Africa and forced on a treacherous journey to America. In Africa, eleven-year-old Aminata Diallo learns from her mother to catch babies (being a midwife) and her father teaches her Islam. When she is captured by slavers, a young negro named Chekura shows her kindness while escorting the captives to the sea. On the ship, Chekura is brought too as a slave, and Aminata bonds with him. The captives are forced to endure a treacherous journey to America, where they are sold as slaves to different owners and thus separated. [Director: Clement Virgo] [Lawrence Hill (novel)] [TV Series, Episode 1 of 6, 45 min, 1.78 : 1, Drama l History l War, USA]

Book of Negroes, The (2014) Episode 2
[Aunjanue Ellis ... Aminata Diallo, Lyriq Bent ... Chekura Tiano, Allan Hawco ... Solomon Lindo, Greg Bryk ... Robertson Appleby, Sandra Caldwell ... Georgia, Amy Louise Wilson ... Rosa Lindo, Antonio David Lyons ... Happy Jack, Shailyn Pierre-Dixon ... Young Aminata, Siya Xaba ... Young Chekura, Erica Wessels ... Mrs. Scott, Robin Smith ... William King, Trudy van Rooy ... Mrs. Scott's Wet Nurse]
Aminata, now grown, is the flower of Robinson Appleby’s Indigo plantation. After several seasons of deflecting Appleby’s advances, Appleby rapes Aminata. She marries Chekura and has his child; Appleby, infuriated, sells her and her child to separate owners. Her new owners, a Jewish Indigo Trader and his wife, Solomon and Rosa Lindo, are more trusting: they treat her as a servant rather than a slave. But after the death of Rosa and her baby from smallpox, and the revelation that Solomon brokered the sale of her child, Aminata’s trust is broken. Lindo, desperate for a distraction to ease his grief, sets sail to New York with Aminata, who plots her escape to freedom. [Director: Clement Virgo] [Lawrence Hill (novel)] [TV Series, Episode 2 of 6, 44 min, 1.78 : 1, Drama l History l War, USA]

Book of Negroes, The (2014) Episode 3
[Aunjanue Ellis ... Aminata Diallo, Lyriq Bent ... Chekura Tiano, Allan Hawco ... Solomon Lindo, Cara Ricketts ... Bertilda, Dwain Murphy ... Claiborne, Cuba Gooding Jr. ... Sam Fraunces, Armand Aucamp ... Lieutenant Waters, Jeremy Akerman ... Field Surgeon, Lemogang Tsipa ... Canvas Town Freddy, Mouna Traoré ... Rosetta (as Mouna Traore), Gharrett Patrick Paon ... Rebel Boy (as Gharrett Paon), Chris April ... Canvas Town Old Man, Garrow Hill-Stotsky ... Broadway Patriot, Adrian Collins ... Militia Warrior #1, Bjorn Steinbach ... Militia Warrior #2]
When Revolution breaks out in New York, Aminata seizes her chance and escapes to freedom in the haven of Canvas Town. She gains respect in the community by working as their midwife, and she makes new friends. A local inn owner, also negro, admires her literacy and wisdom. She finds work and refuge in his inn, which is frequented even by general George Washington. She is also reunited with Chekura. [Director: Clement Virgo] [Lawrence Hill (novel)] [TV Series, Episode 3 of 6, 44 min, 1.78 : 1, Drama l History l War, USA]

Book of Negroes, The (2014) Episode 4
[Aunjanue Ellis ... Aminata Diallo, Lyriq Bent ... Chekura Tiano, Ben Chaplin ... Cpt. John Clarkson, Allan Hawco ... Solomon Lindo, Greg Bryk ... Robertson Appleby, Cara Ricketts ... Bertilda, Dwain Murphy ... Claiborne, Rick Roberts ... General Washington, Cuba Gooding Jr. ... Sam Fraunces, Armand Aucamp ... Lieutenant Waters, Joris Jarsky ... Dockyard Bounty Hunter, David Christoffel ... General Sir Guy Carleton, Deon Lotz ... New York Justice of the Peace, Tenika Davis ... Sanu's Daughter, Shanice Banton ... Emily]
With the war end, the slave masters start seeking their fugitive slaves in Canvas Town to take them back. Aminata starts working for the British, in order to record into the Book of Negroes all blacks who worked for the British during the war, so they may be freed and moved to Nova Scotia to a new life. Just when she and Chekura are to board a ship for Nova Scotia, she is seized by authorities and Chekura must leave alone. She faces a trial as her first master, Robinson Appleby, deceitfully claims that she was still his slave, but Solomon Lindo shows up and proves Appleby is lying, and he also sets her free, so now she may go to Nova Scotia to find Chekura. [Director: Clement Virgo] [Lawrence Hill (novel)] [TV Series, Episode 4 of 6, 44 min, 1.78 : 1, Drama l History l War, USA]

Book of Negroes, The (2014) Episode 5
[Aunjanue Ellis ... Aminata Diallo, Lyriq Bent ... Chekura Tiano, Ben Chaplin ... Cpt. John Clarkson, Joel Thomas Hynes ... Matthew Witherspoon, Stephan James ... Cummings Shakspear, Matt Ward ... Jason Wood, Meredith MacNeill ... Judith Palmer, Jane Alexander ... Maria, Louis Gossett Jr. ... Daddy Moses, Hugh Thompson ... Constable Theodore Barnes, Jennifer Kydd ... Annapolis Court Clerk, Kevin Kincaid ... Shelburne Auctioneer, Dale Bellefontaine ... Shelburne White Labuorer, Novalea Buchan ... Birchtown Woman in Chruch (as Novalee Bucha), Mike Chandler ... Shelburne Merchant]
Life in Nova Scotia is harsh for the freed negroes, as jobs are scarce and the land is not generous at all. Chekura is not there, so Aminata tries to find him. She gives birth to a son she names Mamadu, but he is soon lost to cholera. Conflicts with white loyalists arise. Due to her literacy and skills, Aminata finds work in a white lady's print shop, but she is fired when the shop owner's son is killed near the black village. Her letters to the British abolitionists are answered, and a new project is started, to take 1000 free negroes to Sierra Leone. Aminata is employed to help negroes subscribe to the project. She learns that Chekura reached Bermuda after a storm, and they are reunited. The white loyalists riot and attack the black village, doing a lot of damage and victims. Aminata and Chekura escape unharmed and at the end of the episode they are aboard a ship to Sierra Leone. [Director: Clement Virgo] [Lawrence Hill (novel)] [TV Series, Episode 5 of 6, 44 min, 1.78 : 1, Drama l History l War, USA]

Book of Negroes, The (2014) Episode 6
[Aunjanue Ellis ... Aminata Diallo, Lyriq Bent ... Chekura Tiano, Ben Chaplin ... Cpt. John Clarkson, Allan Hawco ... Solomon Lindo, Louis Gossett Jr. ... Daddy Moses, Shailyn Pierre-Dixon ... Young Aminata, Rori Mortuba ... May Diallo, Danny Keough ... Dr. Danny Falconbridge, David Butler ... William Armstrong, Nicholas Pauling ... William Wilberforce (as Nick Pauling), Daniel Fox ... Samuel York, Anthony Oseyemi ... Dante, Mark Elderkin ... Stanley Hastings, Francis Chouler ... Neil Park, Fana Mokoena ... Allasane]
The free negroes arrive in Sierra Leone, and with the help of the British, they create a new town named Freetown. Aminata longs to return to her home village of Bayo, which is not too far from Freetown. When a slave coffle passes through Freetown, Aminata, Chekura, and Daddy Moses go to help. After finding a navigator near Freetown, Aminata leaves for Bayo accompanied by Chekura. Halfway through their journey, they find another slave coffle. Aminata and Chekura are inclined to help a little girl in the coffle. The slave traders threaten to enslave Chekura and Aminata if they interfere. At night, Chekura goes alone to free the entire coffle, but dies in the process, thus redeeming himself. Heartbroken, Aminata leaves for Britain to assist the Abolitionists in ending the slave trade. She writes a full book on her life, and presents it to the pro-slave trade politicians. In the end, the vote is swung in the Abolitionist's favor and a law is passed banning slave trade, but not slavery. Afterwards, Aminata meets Solomon Lindo one last time. Lindo, redeeming himself for separating Aminata and her daughter May, reunites mother and daughter. [Director: Clement Virgo] [Lawrence Hill (novel)] [TV Series, Episode 6 of 6, 45 min, 1.78 : 1, Drama l History l War, USA]

Deliverance Creek (2014)
[Lauren Ambrose ... Belle Gatlin Barlow, Wes Ramsey ... Nate, Christopher Backus ... Jasper Gatlin, Riley Smith ... Toby, Caitlin Custer ... Hattie Gatlin, Yaani King ... Kessie, Joel Johnstone ... Ben Crawford, Katherine Willis ... Cordelia Crawford, Barry Tubb ... Jeb Crawford, Tishuan Scott ... Moses Washington, Erinn Allison ... Rose, Austin Amelio ... Soldier, Brent Anderson ... Holden Grayson, Christopher James Baker ... Cyril (as Christopher Baker), Sawyer Bell ... Abner Barlow]
- Set at the end of the Civil War, widowed mother of 3 Belle Gatlin Barlowe faces uncertainty as she attempts to defend her family's land by any means necessary. When the corrupt bank that runs their town pushes Belle into becoming an outlaw, the stakes become personal, setting off a chain of events that force her to question whether it's better to be good or to survive. [Director: Jon Amiel] [88 min, Drama l Western l Romance, USA]
- Radnja filma se dešava 1863. godine u toku Građanskog rata. Udovica i majka troje dece Bel Getlin Barlou (L. Ambrose) suočena je sa neizvesnošću u pokušaju da sačuva porodični ranč i da preživi sa svojom decom. Kada je banka pritisne radi duga, u njihov grad dolaze odmetnici u potrazi za zlatom severnjaka, a kroz mnogobrojne isprepletene događaje, nameće se pitanje, da li je bolje biti dobar ili preživeti? 

Field of Lost Shoes (2014)

[Jason Isaacs ... John C. Breckinridge, Lauren Holly ... Mrs. Clinedinst, Nolan Gould ... Robert / Sir Rat, Keith David ... Old Judge, David Arquette ... Captain Henry A. DuPont, Tom Skerritt ... Ulysses S. Grant, Luke Benward ... John Wise, Gale Harold ... Major Charles Semple, Zach Roerig ... Jack Stanard, Max Lloyd-Jones ... Sam Atwill, Mary Mouser ... Libby Clinedinst, Josh Zuckerman ... Moses Ezekiel, Parker Croft ... Garland Jefferson, Courtney Gains ... Capt. Chinook, Sean Marquette ... Benjamin 'Duck' Colonna]
- Based on a true story of the American Civil War, culminating at the Battle of New Market, May 1864. A group of teenage cadets sheltered from war at the Virginia Military Institute must confront the horrors of an adult world when they are called upon to defend the Shenandoah Valley. Leaving behind their youth, these cadets must decide what they are fighting for. [Director: Sean McNamara] [96 min, Action l Drama l War, USA]
- Zasnovano na istinitoj priči iz Američkog građanskog rata, koja kulminira u bitci kod Novog Marketa, 15. maja 1864. godine. Grupa mladih kadeta, koji su sklonjeni od rata u Virdžinijski vojni institut moraju da se suoče sa užasom sveta odraslih, kad su upućeni da brane Šenandoa dolinu. Ostavljajući iza sebe svoju mladost, kadeti moraju da odluče za šta se bore...

Fine Step, A (2014)

[Justin Baldoni ... Marzo Bolivar, Leonor Varela ... Liliana Bolívar, Luke Perry ... Cal Masterson, Armand Assante ... Alejandro Bolivar, Cameron Daddo ... Mason Scott, Cylk Cozart, Anna Claire Sneed ... Claire Scott, Oliver Macready ... Tucker, Ashley Ann Vickers ... Sierra, Amy Lavere ... Maggie Masterson, Carol Lynn Hovland ... Arena Spectator, Donald Meyers ... Cowboy, Wesley Okerson ... Ron Palitz, Nora Childers ... Cowgirl, Jack Parnell ... Ring Announcer]
- When an expert horseman (Luke Perry) suffers a traumatic accident with his top horse, he overcomes his injury with the help of a young girl who helps rehabilitate him and the horse
[Director: Jonathan Meyers] [111 min, Drama, USA]
- Kada stručnjak za konje doživi traumatičnu nesreću sa svojim najboljim konjem, prevazilazi svoju povredu uz pomoć mlade devojke koja pomaže u rehabilitaciji njega i konja.

Stranded [aka Doc Holliday's Revenge] (2014)

[William McNamara ... Doc Holliday, Eric Roberts ... William, Tom Berenger ... Judge Wells, Ashley Hayes ... Elizabeth Cooley, Bart Voitila ... Joseph Cooley, Oliver Rayon ... Charlie, Randy Jay Burrell ... Millard, Daniel Dannas ... Clark]
- In 1882, Joseph and Elizabeth Cooley head west to reunite with Elizabeth's family and are stranded in a logging camp just outside Tucson. Then, a wounded Indian stumbles into their camp and they must defend him against his would-be killer - Doc Holliday. Elizabeth considers Doc a stone-cold killer but, during the course of their tense standoff, she comes to find that this courtly, ailing man has a surprisingly well-honed sense of justice, frontier-style. [Director: David DeCoteau] [84 min, 1.78 : 1, Western, USA]
- 1882. godine Džozef (B. Voitila) i Elizabet Kuli (A. Hayes) su krenuli na zapad kako bi došli do Elizabetine porodice. Zaglavili su u kampu negde malo izvan Tusona, a u njihov kamp doluta povređeni Indijanac pa se on mora odbraniti od čoveka koji želi da ga ubije - Doka Holideja (W. McNamara). Elizabet u početku misli da je Dok hladnokrvni ubica, ali će ubrzo promeniti mišljenje...

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