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• At Gunpoint (1955) NA NIŠANU 
• Cheyenne - Season 1 (1955) ŠAJEN - S01 [SERIJA, 2 EPIZODE]
• Chief Crazy Horse (1955) POGLAVICA LUDI KONJ  
• Davy Crockett: King of the Wild Frontier (1955) DEJVI KROKET, KRALJ DIVLJE GRANICE  
• Far Horizons, The (1955) DALEKI HORIZONTI  
• Fort Yuma (1955) FORT JUMA
• Indian Fighter, The (1955) INDIJANSKI BORAC 
• Kentuckian, The (1955) ČOVEK IZ KENTAKIJA 
• Last Frontier, The (1955) POSLEDNJI GRANIČAR 
• Lawless Street, A (1955) ULICE BEZ ZAKONA 

At Gunpoint (1955)
[Fred MacMurray ... Jack Wright, Dorothy Malone ... Martha Wright, Walter Brennan ... Doc Lacy, Tommy Rettig ... Billy Wright, Skip Homeier ... Bob Dennis, John Qualen ... Livingstone, Whit Bissell ... Clem Clark, Irving Bacon ... Al Ferguson, Jack Lambert ... Kirk, John Pickard ... Alvin Dennis, James Griffith ... The Stranger (Bob Alexander), Harry Shannon ... Marshal MacKay, Frank Ferguson ... Marshal George Henderson, James O'Hara ... Wally (as James Lilburn), Harry Lauter ... Federal Marshal]
- The peace-loving owner of a general store, who became a town hero when he luckily killed the leader of a gang of bank robbers, is deserted by the townspeople who fear the threatened return of the vengeful bandits. [Director: Alfred L. Werker (as Alfred Werker)] [81 min, 2.35 : 1, Western, USA]

- Miroljubivi vlasnik prodavnice, postao je heroj grada kada je uz pomoć sreće ubio vođu bande pljačkaša banaka. Ali, kada osvetoljubivi razbojnici najave povratak, stanovnici grada ga ostavljaju na cedilu.




Cheyenne - Season 1 (1955) 
- Američka vestern serija od 7 sezona i 108 crno-belih epizoda koja je emitovana na ABC televiziji od 1955.-1963. godine. To je bila prva vestern/dramska serija od sat vremena, sa stalnim likovima, a koja je trajala duže od jedne sezone. Nakon Građanskog rata Šajan Bodi je tumarao zapadom, tražeći bitke, žene i loše momke kako bi ih premlatio. U svakoj bi epizodi imao drugi posao. Zanimljivo, serija se nikad nije prikazivala na nedeljnoj osnovi, kombinovala se sa druge dve Vorner Brosove serije King's Row i Casablanca. Kasnije se emitovala zajedno sa Bronkom i Šugarfutom. I te tri serije su izdate u sindikaciji pod nazivom Best of the West.  

Cheyenne (1955) S01E01 Mountain Fortress (1955)  
[Clint Walker ... Cheyenne Bodie, L.Q. Jones ... Smitty Smith, Ann Robinson ... Joan Carter, Robert J. Wilke ... Bob Manson (as Bob Wilke), Peter Coe ... Perado, Jeffrey Silver ... Stew Davis (as Jeff Silver), James Garner ... Lt. Brad Forsythe, Phil Rich ... Skiley, John Doucette ... Sgt. Cap Daniels, George Wallace ... Plank, Rush Williams ... Foster]
After the Civil war adventurer Cheyenne Bodie roamed the west looking for fights, women and bad guys to beat up. His job changed from episode to episode. Cheyenne and Smitty are in the desert making maps when they spot Shoshone smoke signals. They take to high ground where they are met by Bob Manson and his gang. They have spotted the signals too and are taking refuge on the huge rock fortress. They want Cheyenne and Smitty to guide them to Mexico but they decline as they must get Smitty's maps to the Army. When a stage coach comes under attack Cheyenne, Smitty and Manson's men fight off the Indians but Manson reveals his true intentions and robs the coach. They rescue the driver and the lone woman passenger Joan Carter who is on the way to join her fiancé who is a Lieutenant in the Army. Soon the coach is followed by a party of soldiers and everyone finds themselves on the rock waiting for a Shoshone attack. [Director: Richard L. Bare (as Richard Bare)] [TV Episode, 1 of 108 Episodes, 60 min, Black and White, 1.33 : 1, Western, USA]

Cheyenne (1955) S01E02 Julesburg (1955)  
[Clint Walker ... Cheyenne Bodie, L.Q. Jones ... Smitty, Adelle August ... Jeremy Barnes, Ray Teal ... McCanles, David Alpert ... Wilfred Barnes, Billy Chapin ... Tommy Scott, Tom Monroe ... Floyd, Ray Montgomery ... Morton Scott, Edwin Rand ... Virgil]
Cheyenne and Smitty come across a wagon train lost on their way to Wyoming Territory. Cheyenne agrees to guide them as far as Fort Laramie where they can get a guide. Rustlers descend on their camp at night and steal more than 200 head of cattle from the settlers by stampeding them. During the stampede Morton Scott, a gun salesman, is killed by the cattle as he rescues his young brother Tommy. Cheyenne figures they'll try to sell the cattle at the nearby town of Julesburg. He and Smitty head into Julesburg undercover to try and get the cattle back. They use Scott's wagon with Smitty pretending to be a gun salesman. In Julesburg Smitty's cover causes them some nervous moments. They learn a man known as McCanles is the ringleader of the rustlers who has sold the herd to the cattle buyer Wilfred Barnes whose pretty wife Jeremy is his secretary and the center of McCanles unwanted attention. [Director: Richard L. Bare] [TV Episode, 2 of 108 Episodes, 50 min, Black and White, 1.33 : 1, Western, USA]

Chief Crazy Horse (1955) 
[Victor Mature ... Crazy Horse, Suzan Ball ... Black Shawl, John Lund ... Major Twist, Ray Danton ... Little Big Man, Keith Larsen ... Flying Hawk, Paul Guilfoyle ... Worm, David Janssen ... Lt. Colin Cartwright, Robert Warwick ... Spotted Tail, James Millican ... General Crook, Morris Ankrum ... Red Cloud, Donald Randolph ... Aaron Cartwright, Robert F. Simon ... Jeff Mantz, James Westerfield ... Caleb Mantz, Stuart Randall ... Old Man Afraid, Pat Hogan ... Dull Knife]
- This biography of the famous Lakota Sioux war chief is told entirely from the Indian viewpoint. When young Crazy Horse, of whom great things were predicted, wins his bride, rival Little Big Man goes to villainous traders with evidence of gold in the sacred Lakota burial ground. Of course, a new gold rush starts despite all treaties, and Crazy Horse becomes military leader of his people. Initial Indian victories lead to the inevitable result. Uniquely, all is told from the Indian perspective. [Director: George Sherman] [86 min, 2.55 : 1, Biography l Western, USA]

- Ovo je priča koja se temelji na stvarnom životu slavnog Indijanca iz plemena Lakota, Ludog Konja, koji je uz Bika Koji Sedi učestvovao u bici kod Litl Bighorna kada su Indijanci potukli generala Kastera. Ovo je neobičan film s obzirom na doba kada je nastao jer se o Indijancima govori sa saosećanjem za razliku od većine vesterna u kojima su prikazani kao divljaci i uglavnom služe kao meta za gađanje puškom ili pištoljem.


Davy Crockett, King of the Wild Frontier (1955) 
[Fess Parker ... Davy Crockett, Buddy Ebsen ... George Russel, Basil Ruysdael ... Gen. / President Andrew Jackson, Hans Conried ... Thimblerig, William Bakewell ... Maj. Tobias Norton, Kenneth Tobey ... Col. Jim Bowie (as Ken Tobey), Pat Hogan ... Chief Red Stick, Helene Stanley ... Polly Crockett, Nick Cravat ... Busted Luck, Don Megowan ... Col. William Travis, Mike Mazurki ... Bigfoot Mason, Jeff Thompson ... Charlie Two Shirts, Henry Joyner ... Swaney, Campbell Brown ... Bruno (as Colonel Campbell Brown)]
- Legends (and myths) from the life of famed American frontiersman Davey Crockett are depicted in this feature film edited from television episodes. Crockett and his friend George Russell fight in the Creek Indian War. Then Crockett is elected to Congress and brings his rough-hewn ways to the House of Representatives. Finally, Crockett and Russell journey to Texas and partake in the last stand at the Alamo. [Director: Norman Foster] [93 min, 1.37 : 1, Family l Western l Adventure, USA]

- Fes Parker je Dejvi Kroket, graničar iz Tenesija, dok je Badiju Ebsenu dodeljena uloga Dejvijevog pomoćnika Džordža Rasela. Film govori o američkom pioniru sa zapada Dejviju Kroketu, lovcu (traperu), vojniku i kongresmenu Tenesija i učesniku teksaške revolucije. U odbrani utvrđenja Alamo, 6. marta 1836. godine poginuo sa svim ostalim saborcima.



Far Horizons, The (1955)
[Fred MacMurray ... Captain Meriwether Lewis, Charlton Heston ... Lt. William Clark, Donna Reed ... Sacajawea, Barbara Hale ... Julia Hancock, William Demarest ... Sgt. Gass, Alan Reed ... Charboneau, Eduardo Noriega ... Cameahwait, Larry Pennell ... Wild Eagle, Argentina Brunetti ... Old Crone, Julia Montoya ... Crow woman, Ralph Moody ... Le Borgne, Herbert Heyes ... President Thomas Jefferson, Lester Matthews ... Mr. Hancock, Helen Wallace ... Mrs. Marsha Hancock, Walter Reed ... Cruzatte (helmsman)]
- United States has just acquired Louisiana from France. An expedition led by Lewis and Clark is sent to survey the territory and go where no white man has gone before. Are they able to overcome the dangers with the help of Sacajawea? [Director: Rudolph Maté] [Della Gould Emmons (novel)] [108 min, 1.85 : 1, History l Western, USA]

- Predsednik Džeferson je poslao Luisa i Klarka u ekspediciju u Lujzijanu. Oni odlaze na teritoriju na koju još nije kročio ni jedan beli čovek. Da li će uspeti da prebrode sve opasnosti u ovoj divljini, u još uvek netaknutom indijanskom carstvu?





Fort Yuma (1955)
[Peter Graves ... Lt. Ben Keegan, Joan Vohs ... Melanie Crown, John Hudson ... Sgt. Jonas, Joan Taylor ... Francesca, William 'Bill' Phillips ... Sgt. Milo Hallock (as Wm. 'Bill' Phillips), James O'Hara ... Cpl. Taylor, Abel Fernandez ... Mangas, Addison Richards ... Gen. Crook]
- A disgruntled settler kills an Apache chief at Fort Yuma, and the fort's commander knows that the chief's son, Manga Colorado, will seek revenge and go on the warpath. He sends word by a courier to Fort Apache where a supply column is due to head across the desert to Fort Yuman, but the courier is killed by Mangas. The column, under the command of Lieutenant Ben Keegan who hates Apaches because he doesn't trust them, and because his assigned scout is Jonas, the brother of an Apache girl, Francesca, whom Keegan has been having an affair with. Also accompanying them is Melanie Crowne, who is going to do missionary work among the Apaches. Mangas attacks the column wiping out everybody but Keegan, Jonas and Melanie. Francesca is killed while trying to warn Keegan, and he realizes how foolish he had been in his prejudice and in keeping his love secret. The Apaches, dressed in the uniforms of the dead soldier, plan to gain entrance to Fort Yuma and massacre the men there. [Director: Lesley Selander] [78 min, 1.85 : 1, Western, USA]

- Mangas Kolorado. Moj sin Mangas. Antonio, vrač mog naroda. Kapetan Filip Santli. Poručnik Vilson. Vaša vlada želi mir. Manbrinasi žele mir. Neka se sad okonča rat. Ja govorim za svoj narod i moju vladu. Kažem da će se prava Manbrinasa poštovati i imaće zaštitu... Pokušavao je spojiti dva sveta. To ipak zavisi od pojedinaca... Nezadovoljni doseljenik ubio je Apačkog poglavicu kod Fort Jume i zapovednik tvrđave zna da će Manga Kolorado tražiti osvetu i ići u ratni pohod. On šalje kurira do Fort Apačija da bi vojno pojačanje stiglo do Fort Jume...




Indian Fighter, The (1955) 
[Kirk Douglas ... Johnny Hawks, Elsa Martinelli ... Onahti, Walter Matthau ... Wes Todd, Diana Douglas ... Susan Rogers, Walter Abel ... Captain Trask, Lon Chaney Jr. ... Chivington (as Lon Chaney), Eduard Franz ... Red Cloud, Alan Hale Jr. ... Will Crabtree (as Alan Hale), Elisha Cook Jr. ... Briggs (as Elisha Cook), Ray Teal ... Morgan, Frank Cady ... Trader Joe, Michael Winkelman ... Tommy Rogers, William Phipps ... Lt. Blake, Harry Landers ... Grey Wolf / Captain Trask Attaché, Hank Worden ... Crazy Bear / Guardhouse Keeper]
- A scout leading a wagon train through hostile Indian country unwittingly gets involved with a Sioux chief's daughter. Johnny Hawks, a former Indian fighter, returns to the West after the Civil War. He reacquaints himself with the Indian band led by Red Cloud. Red Cloud's beautiful daughter has now grown into womanhood... Unscrupulous whisky traders are after the gold on Indian land. Hawks averts serious bloodshed by convincing Red Cloud to make a treaty... Hawks leads an Oregon-bound wagon train through Indian territory. When he slips away to see the chief's daughter, trouble between braves and whisky traders flares up anew, putting the wagon train and the nearby fort in peril... [Director: André De Toth (as Andre de Toth)] [88 min, 2.35 : 1, Western, USA]

- Vrativši se iz Američkog građanskog rata Džoni Hoks (K. Douglas) pokušava iz osnove da promeni svoj nekadašnji život. Umesto ratovanja sa Indijancima, odluči da bude pregovarač, kako bi pleme Sijuksa dopustilo prelazak karavana doseljenika preko njihove teritorije. Sagovornik mu je bivši protivnik, poglavica Crveni Oblak (E. Franz), koji je i sam sklon životu u miru, a čija mu se lepa ćerka Onahti (E. Martinelli) sviđa. Poglavičin brat Sivi Vuk (H. Landers) ne želi pregovore sa belcima, posebno zato što zemlja Sijuksa krije velike količine zlata. Za to sazna beskrupulozni Ves Tod (W. Matthau) koji uz pomoć svog partnera Čivingtona (L. Chaney) neće birati sredstva da bi prevario Crvenog Oblaka i dokopao se zlata... Između angažmana u vesternu "Čovek bez zvezde" (1955) i uloge u biografskoj drami "Žudnja za životom" (1956) za koju je nominovan za Oskara, američki glumački superstar Kirk Daglas odlučio je da nastupi u filmu koji je producirala njegova vlastita kompanija Bryna Productions. To je vestern Indijanski borac ili "Beli ratnik" u režiji holivudskog reditelja mađarskog porekla Andrea De Tota koji je početkom 50-ih snimao vestern za vesternom (Vođa ranča, Čovek u sedlu, Karson Siti, Zadatak majora Leksa, Poslednji iz plemena Komanča, Stranac sa pištoljem, Pobuna u Teksasu, Lovac na ucene, Jahač sa sačmarom, Dan odmetnika), i to sa priličnim uspehom. Ni ovaj mu film nije izuzetak, jer je više nego solidan predstavnik žanra. Tim više, jer je reditelj imao pred sobom izvrstan scenario Bena Hekta i njegovog kolege Frenka Dejvisa, koji su osmislili slojevit tekst koji je istakao celu paletu likova i na strani Indijanaca i na strani kauboja. Film se ističe i izrazitim romantičnim pristupom, i to ne samo u lirskoj fotografiji Vilfrida M. Klajna realizovanoj na lokacijama u Oregonu, već pre svega u središnjoj ljubavnoj priči između kauboja Džonija Hoksa i Indijanke Onahti. Zanimljivo je da je motiv međurasne ljubavi izazvao dosta oprečnih komentara u tadašnjem Holivudu, ali De Tot nije hteo da menja početni koncept. Kirk Daglas je glavni lik odglumio vrlo sigurno i sa izvesnom dozom humora, dok njegovog beskrupuloznog protivnika sjajno tumači Volter Matau.





Kentuckian, The (1955) 
[Burt Lancaster ... Elias Wakefield (Big Eli), Dianne ... Hannah Bolen, Diana Lynn ... Susie Spann, John McIntire ... Zack Wakefield, Una Merkel ... Sophie Wakefield, John Carradine ... Fletcher, John Litel ... Pleasant Tuesday Babson, Rhys Williams ... Constable, Edward Norris ... Roulette Dealer, Walter Matthau ... Stan Bodine, Donald MacDonald ... Little Eli Wakefield]
- A Kentucky widower bound for 1820's Texas with his young son is thwarted in his efforts by a corrupt constable, a long-standing family feud, and a beautiful indentured servant. A frontiersman in 1820s Kentucky finds the area too civilized for his tastes, so he makes plans for he and his son to leave for the wild Texas country. However, he buys an indentured servant along the way, and her presence throws a monkey wrench into his plans. [Director: Burt Lancaster] [Felix Holt (novel)] [104 min, 2.55 : 1, Drama l Western, USA]

- Elias "Veliki Eli" Vejkfild (B. Lancaster) 1820-ih godina odlučuje da napusti Kentaki i preseli se u Teksas, vodeći sa sobom svog sina kog zovu "Mali Eli" (D. MacDonald). Putem sretnu dve žene kojima se svide - ugovornu sluškinju Hanu (D. Foster), koja želi da ide sa njima i školsku učiteljicu Suzi (D. Lynn), koja bi najradije da je Veliki Eli oženi i da se negde smeste.


Last Frontier, The (1955) 
[Victor Mature ... Jed Cooper, Guy Madison ... Captain Glenn Riordan, Robert Preston ... Col. Frank Marston, James Whitmore ... Gus, Anne Bancroft ... Corinna Marston, Russell Collins ... Captain Phil Clarke, Peter Whitney ... Sergeant Major Decker, Pat Hogan ... Mungo]
- Crude and uncivilized backwoods trapper Jed Cooper and his two partners sign up as scouts in a remote Oregon army fort, manned chiefly by untrained rookie soldiers. Jed, flirting with the idea of leading a more settled life, decides he needs a woman to start the process, and selects Corinna Marston, the beautiful young wife of Colonel Marston, commander of the next fort down the line. Marston arrives and announces to commanding officer Captain Riordan that he has lost his fort and most of his men to an Indian attack and that he, as ranking officer, is assuming command. Riordan, a young, but sensible officer, is outraged when he learns that Marston, posted out west for having lost his 1500-man command during a Civil War battle, has ordered the entire fort's complement, totally unprepared for combat and outnumbered, to march out against experienced Indian warriors. [Director: Anthony Mann] [98 min, 2.35 : 1, History l Western, USA]

- Trojica trapera - neotesani Džed Kuper (V. Mature), mudri Gas (J. Whitmore) i Indijanac (P. Hogan), loveći na indijanskoj teritoriji, nalete na Indijance predvođene poglavicom Crvenim Oblakom, koji im otimaju puške, konje i krzna. Traperi odlaze u vojnu tvrđavu da bi od vojske zatražili odštetu, smatrajući da su Indijanci zbog njih neprijateljski raspoloženi. Umesto odštete, traperi dobijaju posao vojnih izviđača. Tvrđavom zapoveda kapetan Glen Riordan (G. Madison), a u njoj se nalazi i lepa Korina Marston (A. Bancroft), supruga pukovnika Frenka Marstona (R. Preston) koji gradi tvrđavu na indijanskoj zemlji. Neobuzdani Džed baci oko na Korinu i ne odustaje, čak ni nakon što se njen suprug vrati u tvrđavu ne obavivši svoj zadatak. Pukovnik Marston je oficir teške naravi, koji je u Građanskom ratu u smrt bez ikakvog razloga poslao hiljade vojnika, a to namerava učiniti i sada, želeći se po svaku cenu obračunati sa Crvenim Oblakom... Holivudski klasik Entoni Man (1906-1967) jedan je od najistaknutijih reditelja u istoriji vesterna. Najpoznatiji po seriji od pet antologijskih vesterna sa Džejmsom Stjuartom u glavnoj ulozi (Vinčesterka 73, Na okuci reke, Gola mamuza, Daleka zemlja, Čovek iz Laramija) i još tri žanrovska remek-dela: "Poslednji graničar", "Metalna zvezda" i "Čovek sa Zapada", kao i još nekoliko značajnih vesterna (Đavolji prolaz, Bes). Najmanje poznat od svih Manovih vesterna, "Poslednji graničar" je možda i najneobičnije Manovo ostvarenje. Začuđujući esej o sukobu prirode i civilizacije, koji se istovremeno odvija kroz priču, ali i u glavnom liku, kojeg je briljantno utelovio Viktor Mejčer (Moja draga Klementina, Masakr u tvrđavi Furnas Krik, Poglavica Ludi Konj, Karavan na Zapad).  




Lawless Street, A (1955) 
[Randolph Scott ... Marshal Calem Ware, Angela Lansbury ... Tally Dickenson, Warner Anderson ... Hamer Thorne, Jean Parker ... Cora Dean, Wallace Ford ... Dr. Amos Wynn, John Emery ... Cody Clark, James Bell ... Asaph Dean, Ruth Donnelly ... Molly Higgins, Michael Pate ... Harley Baskam, Don Megowan ... Dooley Brion, Jeanette Nolan ... Mrs. Dingo Brion]
- A Marshal must face unpleasant facts about his past when he attempts to run a criminal gang out of town. The marshal of Medicine Bend is tired and alone. Tired of killing to keep himself from being killed; alone because of an unspoken past disappointment. The realisation that someone in town is paying to have him killed and the arrival with a show troupe of the special someone from the past coincide to force more than one type of showdown. [Director: Joseph H. Lewis] [78 min, 1.37 : 1, Western, USA]

- Maršal je umoran od ubijanja koje mora da čini da bi zaštitio sebe da ne bude meta ubica... Međutim, neko u gradu unajmljuje plaćenog ubicu i on mora da se suoči sa neprijatnim činjenicama iz njegove prošlosti, dok pokušava da uhvati bandu koja je pobegla iz grada...


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