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• Angel and the Bad Man (2009) ANĐEO I ZLIKOVAC [aka ANĐEO I ZLOČINAC]
• Doc West (2009) DOKTOR VEST  
• Doc West: La sfida [aka Triggerman] (2009) REVOLVERAŠ 
• Gambler, the Girl and the Gunslinger, The (2009) KOCKAR, DEVOJKA I REVOLVERAŠ
• High Plains Invaders (2009) OSVAJAČI VELIKE RAVNICE
• Love Finds a Home (2009) LJUBAV PRONALAZI DOM [8]

• Love Takes Wing (2009) LJUBAV DOBIJA KRILA [7]

Angel and the Bad Man (2009)
[Lou Diamond Phillips ... Quirt Evans, Deborah Kara Unger ... Temperance, Luke Perry ... Loredo, Terence Kelly ... Thomas (as Terrance Kelly), Merrilyn Gann ... Virginia, Gig Morton ... John, 
Michael Teigen ... Telegraph Operator (as Michael Teigen), John Tench ... Hondo, Scott McNeil ... Auburn, Don Thompson ... Doc Johnson, Brendan Wayne ... Randy, Winston Rekert ... Sam, Garry Chalk ... Steve Carson, Jennifer Copping ... Margaret, Melanie Papalia ... Sandy Johnson]
- This remake of the John Wayne classic tells the story of a notorious gunfighter, Quirt Evans (L. Diamond Phillips), who is wounded and seeks shelter with a Quaker family. [Director: Terry Ingram] [95 min, 1.78 : 1, Western, CAN-USA]
- Film je rimejk istoimenog klasičnog vesterna sa Džonom Vejnom iz 1947. godine. Kart Evans (L. Diamond Phillips) je profesionalni ubica koji razmišlja o promeni karijere kada se zaljubi u predivnu udovicu, Temperans (D. Kara Unger). Problemi nastaju kada ga sustigne njegov beskompromisni suparnik, Loredo Stivens (L. Perry).

Doc West (2009)
[Terence Hill ... Minnesota West / Doc West, Paul Sorvino ... Sheriff Roy Basehart, Clare Carey ... Denise Stark, Maria P. Petruolo ... Millie Mitchell (as Mary Petruolo), Alessio Di Clemente ... Garvey, Micah Alberti ... Burt Baker, Linus Huffman ... Jack Baker, Gisella Marengo ... Dana Mitchell, Mercedes Leggett ... Gloria, Boots Southerland ... Nathan Mitchell, Adam Taylor ... Victor Baker, Benjamin Petry ... Silver (as Ben Petry), Ryil Adamson ... Telegrapher, Anthony Aj Atler ... Scrawny Kid (as Anthony 'AJ' Atler), Crispian Belfrage ... Sam Lynchett]
- Minnesota "Doc" West (T. Hill) is sending money (each bill marked with an "E") to a boarding school in Boston in a post office at Santa Fe, New Mexico. After leaving the post office is robbed by two bandits who take everything, including his money. He rides after them on his horse, but is stopped when he sees a boy named Silver (B. Petry) fall off his horse spooked by a rattlesnake. West shoots the rattlesnake's rattler off and it retreats into the bushes. Silver's arm is dislocated, but West fixes it. Silver asks him if he's a doctor, but West declines. Silver tells West that the bandits headed for Holysand, the nearest town. When they arrive in Holysand, they discover a fire in the middle of town set by Silver's stepfather and rancher, Nathan Mitchell (B. Southerland). Nathan argues with a rival rancher, Victor Baker (A. Taylor) about burning the bags of seed that Nathan bought. The argument is broken up by Sheriff Roy Basehart (P. Sorvino) and the local school teacher Denise Stark (C. Carey). Nathan's ranch hand, Garvey (A. di Clemente) orders Silver to clean it up. West walks into the saloon turning everyone's head, because he is new. Instead of ordering whiskey he orders tea, causing everyone to ridicule him. Garvey offers him a seat and a round of poker. West wins a hand, but Garvey accuses him of cheating. The sheriff arrests West and locks him up and Garvey keeps West's money. Later that night Silver tells people about how West fixed his arm. When the sheriff tells West about his back pain, he suggests getting new boots. The next morning Nathan's daughter, Millie (M. Petruolo) who West met in the post office, arrives in Holysand and is greeted by her childhood friends Burt and Jack Baker. The sheriff has no more back pain due to his new boots. West also gives Stark a remedy to heal her sick friend. Millie reunites with her grandmother Melody, Nathan, and Silver. Nathan tells Jack and Burt to stay away from Millie because of his rivalry with their father. After a conversation with the sheriff, Nathan leaves but not before Silver gives West an apple pie (which they talked about earlier in the film). West and the sheriff play a game of poker. After the sheriff wins, West tells him that he was a doctor, but he accidentally killed a patient while drunk. He also says that he takes care of her daughter, Estrella who he sends money to every month. He still continues to doctor, but vowed never to drink or touch a scalpel. The Baker brothers set the seed salesman Sam's (H. Zimmerman) clothes on fire and are arrested, causing the town to laugh. West is released and with the help of Nathan, gets his money back from Garvey. Millie learns about Nathan's marriage to a woman named Dana, upsetting her. He also explains that the Bakers are their enemies, as they fight over a piece of land. Victor's barn mysteriously burns down. He blames Nathan and bails his sons out of jail. In Santa Fe West is going to send money to Estrella and the bank teller declares they are all marked with "E" (for Estrella) and West realizes something. Meanwhile Millie wants her father and Victor to get along and asks help from Stark. West tells the sheriff that Garvey gave him the stolen money, indicating that Garvey was one of the bandits in Santa Fe. West gets a room at the saloon and plans to stay until Garvey is behind bars. Millie talks with Burt and Jack and decide to keep their friendship a secret from their fathers. Stark's dog, Big steals West's pan of beans and leads him to her house. He eventually lets Big have them and for the first time, the dog shows affection towards anyone. West and Stark have dinner and West retires. The next morning Millie thinks that Nathan burned down the Baker's barn and storms off. Nathan discovers that the water pump for his cattle is sabotaged, causing him to think Victor did it. Silver tells West that Garvey was not in Holysand the day of the robbery that he takes three days off every month. Victor challenges Nathan to a gunfight but West shoots the guns out of their hands. Garvey attempts to challenge West, but the sheriff stops him. West decides to settle who claims the land by a boxing in the center of Holysand. Victor and Nathan refuse, but the sheriff reminds that blood will be spilled if they don't agree. West teaches Burt and Jack along with their friend Larry exercise before boxing. Burt and Millie's friendship turns into a romance, causing Jack to be jealous. Burt can only kick but not box and Jack takes his anger out on the beanbag that they punch. Jack is so strong that a beam comes down and knocks West unconscious. Stark nurses West back to health and West continues training the Bakers. The sheriff tells West that every time Garvey took days off there were robberies, confirming Garvey was one of the thieves. At the tournament there are no guns or eye-gouging allowed. The fight begins and the Bakers win. Garvey sneaks off to his horse and reveals a stashed gun under his saddle. This reveals that Garvey burned Victor's barn down and sabotaged Nathan's water pump to cause conflict. He steals the sheriff's gun and challenges West again to a gunfight. West shoots him and walks away. Garvey survives and tries to kill him, but Silver jumps in front of him and takes the bullet. West shoots and kills Garvey. West refuses to do surgery after Estrella's mother died at his hands, but Stark encourages him to do so. Silver is saved and Nathan thanks him. West is self-awakened and he and Stark share a kiss. West leaves the next morning, but a Mexican farmer asks for help. His wife is in labor and is dying. Silver rides after him and West rolls his eyes. [Directors: Giulio Base and Terence Hill] [90 min, 1.78 : 1, Comedy, Drama, Western, ITA-USA]

- Nakon što mu razbojnici ukradu dobitak stečen na pokeru američka legenda Minesota Vest (T. Hill) kreće u potragu za njima. U potrazi za svojim novcem, koji je trebao biti upućen Estreli u internat na Istoku, Dok Vest se nađe u lokalnom gradskom zatvoru kod strogog, ali pravičnog šerifa Roja Bejsharta (P. Sorvino). Kada se njegova prošlost sazna i kada izbije pucnjava on će morati da izabere stranu, između odmetnika i građana koji poštuju zakon.

Doc West: La sfida [aka Triggerman] (2009)
[Terence Hill ... Minnesota West / Doc West, Paul Sorvino ... Sheriff Roy Basehart, Clare Carey ... Denise Stark, Darrian Chavez ... Estrella, Maria P. Petruolo ... Millie Mitchell (as Mary Petruolo), Fabrizio Bucci ... Johnny 'Boy' O'Leary, Evgeniya Chernyshova ... Elizabeth, Micah Alberti ... Burt Baker, Linus Huffman ... Jack Baker, Gisella Marengo ... Dana, Mercedes Leggett ... Gloria, Boots Southerland ... Nathan Mitchell, Adam Taylor ... Victor Baker, Benjamin Petry ... Silver (as Ben Petry), Mark Sivertsen ... Flying Dutchman (as Mark Siversten), Dylan Kenin ... Hans, Ornella Muti ... Debra 'Tricky' Downing]
- A legendary poker playing outlaw, Triggerman, arrives to town for the wildest gambling tournament this side of the west. As the tournament begins he'll get caught up in a violent showdown as bandits try to cheat their way to the finals. With his hand on the trigger this outlaw won't let anything come between him and his winning hand. [Directors: Giulio Base and Terence Hill] [97 min, 1.78 : 1, Western, ITA]
- Legendarni pokeraš, odmetnik i doktor Minesota Vest, stiže u grad na jedan od najvećih kockarskih turnira na zapadu. Kako je turnir počeo nekoliko bandita pokušava prevarom da stigne do finala. Sa rukom na okidaču ovaj revolveraš neće dozvoliti da bilo ko stane između njega i prvog mesta na turniru.  

Gambler, the Girl and the Gunslinger, The (2009)
[Dean Cain ... Shea McCall, James Tupper ... BJ Stoker, Allison Hossack ... Liz Calhoun, Keith MacKechnie ... Cal Stoomey (as Keith Mackechnie), Michael Eklund ... Red, John DeSantis ... Mule (as John Desantis), Teach Grant ... Joker, Serge Houde ... Marshal, Alejandro Abellan ... Diego, Garwin Sanford ... The General, Sheldon Yamkovy ... Sergeant, Quentin Schneider ... Federale Rider #1, Eli Zagoudakis ... Federale Rider #2, Jonathan Field ... Bandit Rider #1, Kyle Thomson ... Bandit Rider #2]
- The Gambler wins half the ranch. The Gunslinger is not amused. The Girl loves the gunslinger. A band of ~500 terrorists invade with plans for a new nation. The US army plans to blow everything up to defend the USA. The Gambler likes the girl, and stays on to help, saves the gunslinger because of her. Then Gambler & Slinger blow up a few rebels, and the GGG live happily (maybe) ever after on the ranch. [Director: Anne Wheeler] [95 min, 1.78 : 1, Comedy l Western, CAN]
- Kockar i rančer postaju partneri koji se ujedine kada im ranč ugroze banditi. Prevarant Šej Mek Kal (D. Cain) osvaja pola parcele zemljišta u igri pokera od BiDžej Stokerovog (J. Tupper) ranča i njih dvojica postaju veliki protivnici. Svađaju se oko svega, a posebno oko prelepe Liz Kalhun (A. Hossack). Ipak, kada banditi ugroze ranč njih dvojica bivaju prisiljeni da se ujedine u odbrani ili će izgubiti sve što imaju.

High Plains Invaders (2009)

[James Marsters ... Sam Danville, Cindy Sampson ... Abigail Pixley, Sebastian Knapp ... Jules Arning, Sanny van Heteren ... Rose Hilridge, Antony Byrne ... Gus McGreevey, Angus MacInnes ... Silich Cure, Adriana Butoi ... Prospector's Wife, James Carroll Jordan ... Sheriff (as James Jordan), Constantin Barbulescu ... Grizzled Miner, Dan Bordeianu ... Deputy, Sorin Cristea ... Prospector Franklin, Dugald Bruce Lockhart ... Cornelius Harrington]
- A wild west town hosts the strangest showdown of all: against an invading army of extraterrestrials. Outlaws and townspeople must join forces to survive. [Director: Kristoffer Tabori (as K. T. Donaldson)] [85 min, 1.33 : 1, Sci-Fi l Western, CAN-ROM]
- Vešanje časnog indijanskog borca Sema Feniksa (J. Marsters) u malom vestern gradiću prekinuto je iznenadnom invazijom insektoidnih stvorenja na bazi uranijuma, što dovodi do toga da Sem i mala grupa preživelih potraže utočište u crkvi. Međutim, trebaće im malo više od molitve i pištolja ne bi li preživeli, s obzirom da je pejzaž Divljeg zapada preplavljen ubitačnom silom vanzemaljskih pionira.

Love Finds a Home (2009)

[Sarah Jones ... Belinda Owens, Haylie Duff ... Annie, Jordan Bridges ... Lee Owens, Patty Duke ... Mary, Courtney Halverson ... Lillian, Michael Trevino ... Joshua, Jeffrey Muller ... Peter, Dahlia Salem ... Mabel McQueen, Thomas Kopache ... Reverend Davis, Chad W. Smathers ... Danny Travis (as Chad Smathers), Daniel Beer ... Lloyd McQueen, Jeff Clarke ... Mr. Travis, Jennifer Costa ... Mrs. Travis, Matthew Florida ... Young Cowboy, Michelle Josette ... Young Mother]
- A pregnant Dr. Annie Watson is going to stay with her best friend, Dr. Belinda Owens while her husband Peter is off on a surveying job. Annie's mother-in-law Mary, a seen-it-all midwife whose homeopathic remedies and folksy wisdom are at odds with Belinda's scientific knowledge, comes along. As Belinda deals with the headaches Mary is causing, she must also address issues at home. While her adopted daughter Lillian, discovers the joys and pains of first love, Belinda and her husband Lee, find their own relationship suffering over Belinda's inability to get pregnant. Just as the town learned to put its faith in Belinda as their doctor, Belinda must learn to accept that the best guidance for her own problems may come from unlikely sources. Annie gives birth to a daughter, Melinda (Lindy), and the movie ends with Mary hopping into a buggy to leave and Belinda whispering something in her ear. When her husband asks what she said, the answer is: "Oh, I just told her that I'll need a midwife... [Director: David S. Cass Sr.] [Janette Oke (novel "Love Finds a Home")] [88 min, 1.33 : 1, Drama l Family l Western, USA]
- Doktorka Belinda Ovens (S. Jones) i njen suprug Li (J. Bridges) žive u mirnom gradu, a dolazi im u posetu Belindina prijateljica u naprednoj trudnoći. Žena je došla do njih da provede poslednje nedelje trudnoće u miru i tišini, imajući pod rukom prikladnu brigu svoje prijateljice lekarke. Belinda uživa u poseti Eni, ali zabrinuta je jer ona ne može imati decu. Na žalost, pojavljuju se male komplikacije. U grad dolazi Enina tašta, koja dovodi u pitanje medicinske sposobnosti Belinde. U međuvremenu, Eni se oseća sve gore i gore...

Love Takes Wing (2009)

[Sarah Jones ... Belinda Simpson, Haylie Duff ... Annie, Jordan Bridges ... Lee Owens, Cloris Leachman ... Miss Hattie Clarence, Patrick Duffy ... Mayor Evans, Lou Diamond Phillips ... Ray Russell, Erin Cottrell ... Missy, Annalise Basso ... Lillian, Time Winters ... Gus, Bonnie Root ... Mrs. Pine, John Bishop ... John Pine, Kevin Scott Richardson ... Clerk, Craig K. Bodkin ... Sheriff, Dave Rodgers ... Stage Coach Driver, Bob Ross ... Townsmen]
- This is a Christian film from Janette Oke's Love Comes Softly series. Belinda Simpson is recovering from the loss of her husband. She arrives in a small Missouri town to become the local doctor. The town doesn't immediately take to a female doctor. She's also faced with the challenge of an infection in the town, that everyone believes came from the local orphanage. With the help of her friend, Annie, and a young blacksmith, Lee Owens, Belinda seeks a cure. [Director: Lou Diamond Phillips] [Janette Oke (novel "Love Takes Wing")] [88 min, 1.33 : 1, Western, USA]
- Mlada lekarka se seli u novi grad, ali tamo je dočeka netrpeljivost novih suseda. Doktorka Belinda Simpson (S. Jones) nakon što je izgubila muža započinje lekarsku praksu u gradu Sikeston u Misuriju. Gotovo odmah se suočava sa velikim izazovom, jer bolest besni u gradu. Kao žena-lekar na svakom koraku se susreće sa nedostatkom dobre volje. Njeni jedini saveznici su: prijateljica Eni (H. Duff), zgodan lokalni kovač i devojka iz sirotišta. Belinda se mora osloniti na svoje prijatelje, svoje veštine, hrabrost, i mora verovati da će uspeti da suzbije epidemiju i paniku koje su zavladale gradom. Film na temelju bestselerskog romana Dženet Oki "Ljubav dobija krila" (Love Takes Wing), optimističkoj priči o tragediji i trijumfu, o snazi vere u sebe.

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