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[•] MacKenna's Gold (1969) MEKENINO ZLATO 
[•] More Dead Than Alive (1969) SMRTONOSNIJE OD ŽIVOTA  
[•] Over-the-Hill Gang, The (1969) RENDŽERI JAŠU 
• Paint Your Wagon (1969) SVI ZA ELDORADO 
• [SW]Pistolero dell’Ave Maria, Il [aka Forgotten Pistolero, The] (1969) ZABORAVLJENI REVOLVERAŠ 
• [SW]Prezzo del potere, Il [aka Price of Power, The] (1969) CENA VLASTI  
• Ramrodder, The (1969) KRALJ STOČARA
• Sam Whiskey (1969) SEM VISKI  
• [SW]Sono Sartana, il vostro becchino [aka I Am Sartana Your Angel of Death] (1969) JA SAM SARTANA, TVOJ ANĐEO SMRTI
• [SW]Specialisti, Gli [aka Specialist, The] (1969) SPECIJALISTI 
• Support Your Local Sheriff! (1969) PODRŽITE ŠERIFA 
• [SW]Taglia è tua... l'uomo l'ammazzo io, La [aka Reward's Yours... The Man's Mine, The/aka Puro, El] (1969) EL PURO  
• Tell Them Willie Boy is Here (1969) VILI BOJ [aka KAŽITE IM DA JE VILI BOJ OVDE]
• [SW]Tepepa [aka Blood and Guns] (1969) TEPEPA – KRV I ORUŽJE 
• This Savage Land (1969) DIVLJA ZEMLJA
• True Grit (1969) ČOVEK ZVANI HRABROST 
• Undefeated, The (1969) NEPOBEDIVI [aka NEPORAŽENI 
• Valley of Gwangi, The (1969) GVANGIJEVA DOLINA 
• [SW]Vigliacchi non pregano, I [aka Cowards Don't Pray] (1969) NJEGOV ZAKON JE OSVETA 
• [SW]Vivi o, preferibilmente, morti [aka Alive or Preferably Dead] (1969) ŽIVI ILI BOLJE MRTVI 
• Wild Bunch, The (1969) DIVLJA HORDA

Mackenna's Gold (1969)

[Gregory Peck ... Sheriff Mackenna, Omar Sharif ... John Colorado, Telly Savalas ... Sergeant Tibbs, Camilla Sparv ... Inga Bergerman, Keenan Wynn ... Sanchez, Julie Newmar ... Hesh-Ke, Ted Cassidy ... Hachita, Lee J. Cobb ... The Editor, Raymond Massey ... The Preacher, Burgess Meredith ... The Storekeeper, Anthony Quayle ... Older Englishman, Edward G. Robinson ... Old Adams, Eli Wallach ... Ben Baker, Eduardo Ciannelli ... Prairie Dog, Dick Peabody ... Avila]
- The gangster Colorado kidnaps Marshal McKenna. He believes that McKenna has seen a map which leads to a rich vein of gold in the mountains and forces him to show him the way. But they're not the only ones who're after the gold; soon they meet a group of "honorable" citizens and the cavalry crosses their way too - and that is even before they enter Indian territory. [Director: J. Lee Thompson] [128 min, 2.35 : 1, Adventure | Romance | Western, USA]
- Razbojnik Kolorado kidnapovao je maršala Mek Kenu. On veruje da je Mek Kena video mapu koja vodi do rudnika sa zlatom u planinama i primorava ga da mu pokaže put... Ali, oni nisu jedini koji su u potrazi za blagom, uskoro će se na svom putu ka rudniku...

More Dead Than Alive (1969)

[Clint Walker ... Cain, Vincent Price ... Dan Ruffalo, Anne Francis ... Monica Alton, Paul Hampton ... Billy Valence, Craig Littler ... Karma, Mike Henry ... Luke Santee, Clarke Gordon ... Carson, Beverly Powers ... Sheree, William Woodson ... Warden, Harry Lauter ... Doctor, Eric Matthews ... Wes Santee, Robert Foulk ... Brill, Frank Baxter ... Banker, Andy Albin ... Fletcher, Emile Meyer ... Bartender]
- When the multiple murderer Cain is released from prison after 18 years, he wants to settle down as a rancher and never touch a gun again. But his former life haunts him; not only that nobody wants to give him a job, some villains also want to pay him back. So he has to accept the offer of showman Ruffalo to perform as "Killer Cain" in his traveling shooting show. However after 18 years without practice even Ruffalo's young assistant Billy shoots better than Cain. [Director: Robert Sparr] [101 min, 1.85 : 1, Romance l Western, USA]
- Ubica zvani Kejn (C. Walker) je pušten iz zatvora posle 18 godina i želi da se skrasi kao rančer, a da nikada ne dotakne pištolj. Međutim, niko neće da ga zaposli. Konačno dobija ponudu od zabavljača Rufaloa (V. Price) da igra "Kiler Kejna" u njegovoj putujućoj pucačkoj predstavi. Ali, posle 18 godina bez prakse, Kejn nije tako dobar sa pištoljem, kao što je bio nekada...

Over-the-Hill Gang, The (1969)

[Walter Brennan ... Nash Crawford, Edgar Buchanan ... Jason Fitch, Andy Devine ... Judge Amos Polk, Jack Elam ... Sheriff Clyde Barnes, Gypsy Rose Lee ... Cassie, Kristin Harmon ... Hannah Rose (as Kris Nelson), Ricky Nelson ... Jeff Rose, Pat O'Brien ... Capt. Oren Hayes, Chill Wills ... Gentleman George Agnew, Edward Andrews ... Mayor Nard Lundy, Dennis Cross ... Sheriff, Rex Holman ... Deputy Dolby, Lillian Bronson ... Mrs. Louise Murphy, Myron Healey ... Deputy Tucker, Bruce Glover ... Deputy Steel]
- A retired Texas Ranger and his three aging pals are hired to clean up a lawless town. Classic comedic western, Captain Oren Hayes of the Texas Rangers takes a break to visit his daughter in a neighboring town. When he arrives he find's his daughter Hannah's husband Jeff is running for Mayor against a corrupt town boss, Nard Lundy. Lundy has no intention of allowing the free election of the honest Jeff Rose, so he has his henchmen beat them up. Hayes then calls for the help of some his old buddies in the Rangers. Upon arriving in town, they realize quickly that age has caught up with them and they must rely on their sheer wits to out-smart and defeat Lundy. [Director: Jean Yarbrough] [75 min, 1.33 : 1, Comedy l Western, USA]

- Penzionisani teksaški rendžer kapetan Oren Hejes, odlazi na odmor u obližnji grad, kod svoje ćerke u posetu. Po dolasku, u gradu zatiče bezakonje i svog zeta Džefa u borbi protiv korumpiranog gradskog gradonačelnika Lundija. Gradonačelnik nema nameru da dozvoli slobodne izbore, i na taj način pokušava odneti pobedu.

Pistolero dell’Ave Maria, Il [aka Forgotten Pistolero, The] (1969)
[Leonard Mann, Luciana Paluzzi, Pietro Martellanza, Alberto de Mendoza, Pilar Velázquez, Piero Lulli, Luciano Rossi, José Suárez, José Manuel Martín]
One of the most ambitious spaghetti westerns, The Forgotten Pistolero is a retelling of the Greek legend of Orestes, who avenges the murder of his father with the help of his friend and former mentor Pylades and his sister Electra. In Baldi’s movie, Orestes is called Sebastian, a man living on his own. One day a wounded stranger called Rafael/Pylades takes shelter in his house and tells him that he, Sebastian, is the son of a Mexican general who was murdered by his wife and her lover. Sebastian has no recollection of the massacre, but the tolling of the bells announcing the Ave Maria bring back fragmented memories. Finally Sebastian is re-united with his sister Isabella and together they avenge the murder of their father. The film is a bit confusing from time to time, with a storyline that seems over-complicated for a spaghetti western, but patient and attentive viewers are rewarded. [Director: Ferdinando Baldi] [SPA-ITA]

Prezzo del potere, Il [aka Price of Power, The] (1969)
[Giuliano Gemma, Warren Vanders, María Cuadra, Ray Saunders, Fernando Rey, Antonio Casas, Benito Stefanelli]
The Pinkerton detective agency uncovers a plot to assassinate President James Garfield in 1881 Texas. The film, a "political" Spaghetti, is a very overt mirroring of the JFK Assassination in 1963. [Director: Tonino Valerii] [ITA-SPA]

Sono Sartana, il vostro becchino [aka I Am Sartana Your Angel of Death] (1969)
[Gianni Garko, Frank Wolff, Ettore Manni, Salvatore Borghese, Renato Baldini, José Torres, Gordon Mitchell, Rick Boyd, Klaus Kinski]
Sartana is falsely accused of robbing a bank, and must find the real robbers and clear his name. [Director: Giuliano Carnimeo] [ITA]

Specialisti, Gli [aka Specialist, The] (1969)
[Johnny Hallyday, Françoise Fabian, Sylvie Fennec, Gastone Moschin, Mario Adorf, Serge Marquand, Angela Luce]
Gunman Hud (Halliday) arrives in Blackstone to seek revenge for his brother's death. He discovers the truth behind the lost money of the local bank, but still has to deal with an idealistic Sheriff, a dubious female banker, a one armed Mexican bandit (who once was his friend) and a bunch of hippie like youngsters. [Director: Sergio Corbucci] [ITA-FRA-BRD]

Support Your Local Sheriff! (1969)
[James Garner, Joan Hackett, Walter Brennan, Harry Morgan, Jack Elam, Henry Jones, Bruce Dern]
McCullough is "passing through on my way to Australia" when he takes a job in a gold rush town. After a startling display of marksmanship he immediately arrests the youngest son of the evil landowner (Danby). A battle of hired guns begins as McCullough continues to tame the town and defeat the gunslingers with a combination of skill and wit. [Director: Burt Kennedy] [USA]

Taglia è tua... l'uomo l'ammazzo io, La [aka Reward's Yours... The Man's Mine, The, aka Puro, El] (1969)
[Robert Woods, Aldo Berti, Mario Brega, Rosalba Neri, Fabrizio Gianni, Maurizio Bonuglia, Valerio Fioravanti]
A group of killers seek out wanted gunman El Puro for the $10,000 dollar reward. Their target, a drunkard and fed up with living, is roused to action after they murder his girlfriend, Rosie. [Director: Edoardo Mulargia] [ITA-SPA]

Tell Them Willie Boy is Here (1969)
[Robert Redford, Katharine Ross, Robert Blake, Susan Clark, Barry Sullivan, John Vernon]
Based on true events, Tell Them Willie Boy Is Here, tells the story of one of the last Western manhunts, in 1909. Willie Boy, a Native American, kills his girlfriend's father in self defense, and the two go on the run, pursued by a search posse led by Sheriff Christopher Cooper. [Director: Abraham Polonsky] [USA]

Tepepa [aka Blood and Guns] (1969) 
[Tomas Milian, Orson Welles, John Steiner, Luciano Casamonica]
In Mexico, at the beginning of the twentieth century, a man is to be executed by Cascorro's men. Doctor Henry Price, en Englishman, arrives in his car and saves him. The nickname of the man is Tepepa and he was a hero of the Revolution. Tepepa asks doctor Price way he saved him and the answer is chilly: to have the pleasure to kill him himself. And he aims his gun at him. [Director: Giulio Petroni] [ITA-SPA]

True Grit (1969)
[John Wayne, Glen Campbell, Kim Darby, Jeremy Slate, Robert Duvall, Dennis Hopper, Alfred Ryder, Strother Martin]
The murder of her father sends a teenage tomboy, Mattie Ross (Kim Darby), on a mission of "justice", which involves avenging her father's death. She recruits a tough old marshal, "Rooster" Cogburn (John Wayne), because he has "grit", and a reputation of getting the job done. The two are joined by a Texas Ranger, La Boeuf (Glen Campbell), who is looking for the same man (Jeff Corey) for a separate murder in Texas. Their odyssey takes them from Fort Smith, Arkansas, deep into the Indian Territory (present day Oklahoma) to find their man. [Director: Henry Hathaway] [ITA-SPA]

Undefeated, The (1969)
[John Wayne, Rock Hudson, Antonio Aguilar, Roman Gabriel, Marian McCargo Melissa Newman, Bruce Cabot, Jan-Michael Vincent, Ben Johnson]
After the Civil War, ex-Union Colonel John Henry Thomas and ex-Confederate Colonel James Langdon are leading two disparate groups of people through strife-torn Mexico. John Henry and company are bringing horses to the unpopular Mexican government for $35 a head while Langdon is leading a contingent of displaced southerners, who are looking for a new life in Mexico after losing their property to carpetbaggers. The two men are eventually forced to mend their differences in order to fight off both bandits and revolutionaries, as they try to lead their friends and kin to safety. [Director: Andrew V. McLaglen] [USA]

Valley of Gwangi, The (1969) 
[James Franciscus, Gila Golan, Richard Carlson, Laurence Naismith, Freda Jackson, Gustavo Rojo]
Cowboy James Franciscus seeks fame and fortune by capturing a Tyrannosaurus Rex living in the Forbidden Valley and putting it in a Mexican circus. His victim, called the Gwangi, turns out to have an aversion to being shown in public. Another film featuring the stop-action special effects talents of Ray Harryhausen. [Director: Jim O'Connolly] [USA] 

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