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• Magnificent Seven Ride!, The (1972) SEDAM VELIČANSTVENIH JAŠU
• Pancho Villa (1972) PANČO VILA
• Ragione per vivere e una per morire, Una [aka Reason to Live, a Reason to Die, A] (1972) RAZLOG ZA ŽIVOT, RAZLOG ZA SMRT
• Revengers, The (1972) OSVETNICI
• Si può fare... amigo [aka It Can Be Done Amigo] (1972) AVANTURE JEDNOG GOROSTASA
• Ulzana's Raid (1972) ULZANINA OSVETA 

Magnificent Seven Ride!, The (1972)
[Lee Van Cleef, Stefanie Powers, Michael Callan, Mariette Hartley, Luke Askew, Pedro Armendáriz Jr., Melissa Murphy, Ed Lauter, Gary Busey]
Marshal Chris Adams turns down a friend's request to help stop the depredations of a gang of Mexican bandits. When his wife is killed by bank robbers and his friend is killed capturing the last thief, Chris feels obligated to take up his friend's cause and recruits a writer and five prisoners to destroy the desperadoes. [Director: George McCowan] [USA]

Pancho Villa (1972)
[Telly Savalas, Clint Walker, Chuck Connors, Anne Francis, José María Prada, Ángel del Pozo, Mónica Randall]
Mexican revolutionary Pancho Villa is double-crossed in an arms deal planned by his comrade Scotty. Villa and Scotty plot a raid on a U.S. cavalry fort in retaliation. [Director: Eugenio Martín] [SPA-UK-USA]

Ragione per vivere e una per morire, Una [aka Reason to Live, a Reason to Die, A] (1972)
[James Coburn, Telly Savalas, Bud Spencer, Reinhard Kolldehoff, José Suárez]
A dishonoured army officer saves the lives of some hardened criminals on condition that they help him regain his honour. Will they live up to his expectations? [Director: Tonino Valerii] [SPA-ITA-FRA-BRD]

Revengers, The (1972)
[William Holden, Ernest Borgnine, Woody Strode, Roger Hanin, Reinhard Kolldehoff, Jorge Luke]
The life of peaceful rancher John Benedict (William Holden) is torn apart when his family is massacred by a gang of marauding outlaws and his farm is destroyed. He assembles a team of mean, lawless convicts to act as his posse as he pursues the gang responsible for the deaths of his loved ones. [Director: Daniel Mann] [MEX-USA]

Si può fare... amigo [aka Saddle Tramps] (1972)
[Bud Spencer, Jack Palance, Renato Cestiè, Francisco Rabal, Dany Saval, Luciano Catenacci, Roberto Camardiel]
An outspoken boy and a gunfighter-pimp save a drifter's life from hanging. The boy's uncle dies, leaving a house and some dry, useless land to the boy. The dying uncle has obtained the drifter's promise to help the boy get what is his. Meanwhile the gunfighter has decided that the drifter should marry his daughter after being with her previously. The two get into a series of brawls and shoot-outs until they arrive in the town and find the boy's inheritance -which turns out not to be as useless as it first appears. [Director: Maurizio Lucidi] [SPA-ITA-FRA]

Ulzana's Raid (1972)
[Burt Lancaster, Bruce Davison, Jorge Luke, Richard Jaeckel, Joaquin Martinez, Lloyd Bochner, Karl Swenson]
Report reaches the US cavalry that the Apache leader Ulzana has left his reservation with a band of followers. A compassionate young officer, Lieutenant DeBuin, is given a small company to find him and bring him back; accompanying the troop is McIntosh, an experienced scout, and Ke-Ni-Tay, an Apache guide. Ulzana massacres, rapes and loots across the countryside; and as DeBuin encounters the remains of his victims, he is compelled to learn from McIntosh and to confront his own naivity and hidden prejudices. [Director: Robert Aldrich] [USA] 

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