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• Man in the Wilderness (1971) ČOVEK U DIVLJINI
• McCabe & Mrs. Miller (1971) KOCKAR I BLUDNICA 
• Nuvola di polvere... un grido di morte... arriva Sartana, Una [aka Cloud of Dust... Cry of Death... Sartana is Coming] (1970) POVRATAK SARTANE
• Pétroleuses, Les [aka Frenchie King] (1971) REVOLVERAŠICE 
• Shoot Out (1971) PUCANJ
• Soleil rouge [aka Red Sun] (1971) CRVENO SUNCE
• Something Big (1971) NEŠTO VELIKO
• Support Your Local Gunfighter (1971) PODRŽITE REVOLVERAŠA
• Valdez is Coming (1971) VALDEZ OSVETNIK
• W Django! [aka Viva! Django] (1971) VIVA ÐANGO
• Wild Rovers (1971) DIVLJI JAHAČI
• Zagor kara bela [aka Zagor: Black Danger] (1971) ZAGOR - CRNA KUGA

• Zagor kara korsan'in hazineleri [aka Zagor The Black Pirate's Treasure] (1971) ZAGOR I BLAGO CRNOG PIRATA

Man in the Wilderness (1971)
[Richard Harris, John Huston, Henry Wilcoxon, Percy Herbert, Dennis Waterman, Prunella Ransome]
In the early 1800's, a group of fur trappers and Indian traders are returning with their goods to civilisation and are making a desperate attempt to beat the oncoming winter. When guide Zachary Bass is injured in a bear attack, they decide he's a goner and leave him behind to die. When he recovers instead, he swears revenge on them and tracks them and their paranoiac expedition leader down. [Director: Richard C. Sarafian] [USA]

McCabe & Mrs. Miller (1971)
[Warren Beatty, Julie Christie, Rene Auberjonois, William Devane, John Schuck, Corey Fischer, Bert Remsen, Shelley Duvall, Keith Carradine]
Set in winter in the Old West. Charismatic but dumb John McCabe arrives in a young Pacific Northwest town to set up a whorehouse/tavern. The shrewd Mrs. Miller, a professional madam, arrives soon after construction begins. She offers to use her experience to help McCabe run his business, while sharing in the profits. The whorehouse thrives and McCabe and Mrs. Miller draw closer, despite their conflicting intelligences and philosophies. Soon, however, the mining deposits in the town attract the attention of a major corporation, which wants to buy out McCabe along with the rest. He refuses, and his decision has major repercussions for him, Mrs. Miller, and the town. [Director: Robert Altman] [USA]

Nuvola di polvere... un grido di morte... arriva Sartana, Una [aka Cloud of Dust... Cry of Death... Sartana is Coming] (1970)
[John Garko, Susan Scott, Piero Lulli, Bruno Corazzari, Frank Braña, Massimo Serato]
Wily roving gunslinger Sartana arrives in a small town and tries to find a hidden fortune of half a million dollars in gold and two million dollars in counterfeit money. Naturally, a bunch of other treacherous folks who include conniving widow Senora Manassas, shrewd fellow gunslinger Grand Full, and the vicious and unhinged General Monk are also looking to get their greedy hands on said fortune. [Director: Giuliano Carnimeo] [ITA-SPA]

Pétroleuses, Les [aka Frenchie King] (1971)
[Brigitte Bardot, Claudia Cardinale, Michael J. Pollard, Patty Schepard, Micheline Presle, Henry Czarniak, Georges Beller, Teresa Gimpera] [1699]
Outlaw sisters in the old West inherit a ranch and try to settle down and develop relationships with neighboring family of lots of brothers. [Director: Christian-Jaque] [FRA-ITA-SPA-UK]

Shoot Out (1971)
[Gregory Peck, Pat Quinn, Robert F. Lyons, Susan Tyrrell, Jeff Corey, James Gregory, Rita Gam]
Clay Lomax, a bank robber, gets out of jail after an 8 year sentence. He is looking after Sam Foley, the man who betrayed him. Knowing that, Foley hires three men to pay attention of Clay's steps. The things get complicated when Lomax, waiting to receive some money from his ex-lover, gets only the notice of her death and an 8 year old girl, sometimes very annoying, presumed to be his daughter. [Director: Henry Hathaway] [USA]

Soleil rouge [aka Red Sun] (1971)
[Charles Bronson, Ursula Andress, Toshirô Mifune, Alain Delon, Capucine, Lee Burton, Tony Dawson, John Hamilton]
The story takes place in Arizona, around 1870. Link and Gotch are two ruthless robbers that attack along with their men at the train which carries the ambassador of Japan over to Washington. During the robbery, Gotch takes a very valuable gold sword, which is a gift from the emperor to the president of the U.S. and tries to kill Link, so that he can take all the money for himself. Now Kuroda (the only survivor of the samurais that escorted the ambassador) and Link must leave their differences aside and work together. They both want to find Gotch, but for different reasons: Kuroda wants to take back the sword, and Link wants the stolen money. All this must be done in seven days, or the samurai will kill Link and himself. [Director: Terence Young] [FRA-ITA-SPA]

Something Big (1971)
[Dean Martin, Brian Keith, Carol White, Honor Blackman, Ben Johnson, Albert Salmi]
Joe Baker has a dream. He wants to do 'something big'. When he needs a Gatling gun to accomplish this, he seeks out a black marketeer. The price he wants for the gun? A woman! So Baker kidnaps a woman off of the stagecoach, only to find that she is the wife of the commandant of the local Cavalry detachment. Things get further complicated when a girl named Dover McBride shows up. She has come to force Baker to marry her and return east, as he promised to do four years earlier. [Director: Andrew V. McLaglen] [USA]

Support Your Local Gunfighter (1971)
[James Garner, Suzanne Pleshette, Jack Elam, Harry Morgan, Joan Blondell, Marie Windsor]
James Garner plays a ladies' man who ends up on the run from a conquest. He has an embarrassing problem that requires a doctor, but that is not immediately disclosed. He and a town barsweep form a plot to impersonate a well known gunfighter so that Garner can pay off his debts and skip town before the soon to come arrival of the real gunfighter. The cast is almost identical to Support Your Local Sheriff! (1969) and the humor is similar. Typical: "You hit him from behind!" Garner: "Just as hard as I could!" [Director: Burt Kennedy] [USA]

Valdez is Coming (1971)
[Burt Lancaster, Susan Clark, Frank Silvera, Jon Cypher, Richard Jordan, Barton Heyman, Hector Elizondo]
The town constable, Bob Valdez, is forced to kill someone accused by Frank Tanner of being a murderer. Valdez asks Tanner for monetary help for the man's wife, but he is ridiculed and almost killed by Tanner's henchmen. Valdez recovers and summons up his days in the U.S. Cavalry in order to fight them. Valdez wounds one of the henchmen and sends him back to Tanner with the message, "Valdez is coming". [Director: Edwin Sherin] [USA]
W Django! [aka Viva! Django] (1971)
[Anthony Steffen, Stelio Candelli, Glauco Onorato, Chris Avram, Esmeralda Barros, Riccardo Pizzuti]
Django is on the trail of some renegade outlaws who raped and killed his wife. En route, he rescues a horse thief from an impromptu hanging. He discovers the man knows who committed the murder. The men team up and head west for revenge. [Director: Edoardo Mulargia] [ITA]

Wild Rovers (1971)
[William Holden, Ryan O'Neal, Karl Malden, Lynn Carlin, Tom Skerritt, Joe Don Baker]
Ross Bodine and Frank Post are cowhands on Walt Buckman's R-Bar-R ranch. Bodine is older and broods a bit about how he will get along when he's too old to cowboy. Post is young and rambunctious and ambitious for a better life than wrangling cows. When one of their fellow cowboys is killed in a corral accident, Post suggests a way into a better life for himself and his friend: robbing a bank. Bodine reluctantly joins in the plan and the two contrive to rob the local bank. They make good their escape initially, but Walt Buckman and his two sons, John and Paul, are incensed at this betrayal by their own trusted employees. John and Paul set out to bring Bodine and Post to justice. [Director: Blake Edwards] [USA]

Zagor kara bela [aka Zagor: Black Danger] (1971)
[Levent Çakir, Nevzat Açikgöz, Sirri Elitas, Nuri Kirgeç, Ergun Köknar, Ahmet Kostarika]
The Zagor comic was known for incorporating science fiction and horror elements into its stories along with the western ones. Perhaps due to its fairly obvious budgetary constraints, this is sadly not the case with Zagor: Kara Bela. Instead, here Zagor and Chico are pitted against a masked, black clad killer who is gunning down Indians. Judging from his vocal delivery, this mysterious villain is intended to come across as an old west version of Kilink, which, I'm guessing, placed the far flung events of the film squarely within the comfort zones of audience and filmmakers alike. Aiding our heroes in their fight is an Indian brave played by Yavus Selekman, who is the only person ever to star as Santo (in 3 Dev Adam) who wasn't Santo. [Director: Nisan Hançer] [TUR]

Zagor kara korsan'in hazineleri [aka Zagor The Black Pirate's Treasure] (1971)
[Levent Çakir, Kazim Kartal, Ece Cansel, Muzaffer Tema, Nuri Kirgeç]
Zagor is an Italian fumetto hero created by editor and writer Sergio Bonelli (pseudonym Guido Nolitta) and artist Gallieno Ferri. Zagor was first published In Italy by Sergio Bonelli Editore in 1961. It's the most popular comic book since 1960's in Turkey. There are two unofficial Turkish Zagor adaptations. In this one Zagor with his sidekick Chico fand Digging Bill fights againist the evil Black Pirate. This movie was lost so many years until the last October. This's a remastered version by Horizon films. [Director: Nisan Hançer] [TUR]

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