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• Man Called Horse, A (1970) ČOVEK ZVANI KONJ 
• Man Called Sledge, A (1970) ČOVEK ZVANI SLEDŽ
• Over-the-Hill Gang Rides Again, The (1970) RENDŽERI OPET JAŠU
• Quel maledetto giorno d'inverno... Django e Sartana all'ultimo sangue [aka One Damned Day at Dawn... Django Meets Sartana!] (1970) NEKA JE PROKLET DAN KADA JE ÐANGO SREO SARTANU
Rio Lobo (1970) RIO LOBO 
• Roy Colt e Winchester Jack [aka Roy Colt and Winchester Jack] (1970) ROJ KOLT I VINČESTER DŽEK
• Soldier Blue (1970) PLAVI VOJNIK
• There Was a Crooked Man... (1970) BIO JEDNOM JEDAN NITKOV
• Two Mules for Sister Sara (1970) SIERA TORIDE [aka DVE MULE ZA SESTRU SARU]
• Vamos a matar, compañeros [aka Companeros] (1970) KOMPANJEROSI

Man Called Horse, A (1970)
[Richard Harris, Judith Anderson, Jean Gascon, Manu Tupou, Corinna Tsopei, Dub Taylor, James Gammon]
In 1825 an English aristocrat is captured by Indians. He lives with them and begins to understand/accept their lifestyles. Eventually he is accepted as part of the tribe and becomes their leader. [Director: Elliot Silverstein] [USA]

Man Called Sledge, A (1970)
[James Garner, Dennis Weaver, Claude Akins, John Marley, Laura Antonelli, Wayde Preston, Ken Clark]
Luther Sledge (Garner) is introduced to us as he enters a bar with one of his cohorts. Leaving his colleague to participate in an ill-fated card game, Sledge reunites himself with his lover Ria (Laura Antonelli). After a night of passion (lucky man!) he is woken by the sound of a gunshot. He returns to the bar to find his partner dead, and forced to defend himself against the killers. [Director: Vic Morrow] [ITA]

Over-the-Hill Gang Rides Again, The (1970)
[Walter Brennan, Fred Astaire, Edgar Buchanan, Andy Devine, Chill Wills, Paul Richards, Lana Wood]
Walter Brennan is back as the clever and funny over the hill Texas Ranger Nash Crawford. This time the gang must face corruption in their own home town. The gang put their heads together to clean up their town, take back the rule of law and rehabilitate the town lush (played by Fred Astaire) along with way. [Director: George McCowan] [USA]

Quel maledetto giorno d'inverno... Django e Sartana all'ultimo sangue [aka One Damned Day at Dawn... Django Meets Sartana!] (1970)
[Hunt Powers, Fabio Testi, Dean Stratford, Dennis Colt Lucky McMurray, Simone Blondell, Dan Reesy, Robert Dannish]
The small desert town of Black City is held in a reign of terror by a nasty gang of criminals lead by the ruthless Bud Willer. Earnest, but inexperienced Sheriff Jack Ronson arrives in town to establish law and order. Mysterious bounty hunter Django helps Ronson out. [Director: Demofilo Fidani] [ITA]

Rio Lobo (1970)
[John Wayne, Jorge Rivero, Jennifer O'Neill, Jack Elam, Christopher Mitchum, Victor French, Susana Dosamantes, Sherry Lansing, David Huddleston, Mike Henry, Bill Williams] During the Civil War the Union Army's gold was being stolen by a band of Confederate Soldiers. When the protoge of Colonel Cord McNally is killed during one of their raids he tracks them down but is captured. The leader Captain Pierre Cordona wants the Colonel to lead them away but instead leads them into their territory and captures Cordona and his Sergeant, Tuscarora. He knows that the only way they could get away with their raids is if they had inside information, which someone from the Union Army gave them. They refuse to tell McNally anything and are imprisoned. When the War ends McNally visits them and asks them to tell him who they got their information from but unfortunately they don't know who they are. Tuscarora is on his way to Rio Lobo, Texas where he grew up. McNally then tells them that if they should ever come across them again to contact him through a friend of his who is a Sheriff in Texas. Later McNally is contacted by the Sheriff on instructions from Cardona, but when he arrives Cardona's indisposed so while they are waiting, a woman arrives and wants to report to the sheriff a murder that took place in Rio Lobo but the Sheriff claims that there's nothing he can do. Later a posse from Rio Lobo arrives and wants to take the woman away but she claims that the leader is the killer she is talking about. Later a gunfight ensues with Cardona joining in. And he says that the leader is one of the men that McNally is looking for. He then tells him that Tuscarora contacted and told him that he saw one of the men the Colonel is looking for whom the assumed is the one who was killed, and that there is trouble in Rio Lobo and he needs help. So McNally, Cordona, and the girl go to Rio Lobo, and they discover all sorts of graft and corruption going on. [Director: Howard Hawks] [USA]

Roy Colt e Winchester Jack [aka Roy Colt and Winchester Jack] (1970)
[Brett Halsey, Charles Southwood, Marilù Tolo, Teodoro Corrà, Lee Burton]
Two outlaws compete with each other over a treasure map that will lead them to buried gold while one of them is in league with a sadistic priest-turned-crime lord, while a young Native American girl helps both outlaws and plays both sides against each other. [Director: Mario Bava] [ITA]

Soldier Blue (1970)
[Candice Bergen, Peter Strauss, Donald Pleasence, John Anderson, Jorge Rivero, Dana Elcar]
While riding through the Cheyenne territory transporting a safe to Fort Reunion and protecting the white woman Cresta Marybelle Lee, who had lived in a Cheyenne village for two years and sympathize with them, the twenty-two men of the cavalry are attacked by the Indians. Only Cresta and the naive, idealistic and clumsy private Honus Gent survive, and together they walk to Fort Reunion, where Cresta is supposed to meet her fiancé Lieutenant McNair. Along their journey, Honus protects Cresta against Kiowa Indians, destroys the shipment of a trader of weapons and falls in love for Cresta, but he does not believe in Cresta words that the Cheyenne village is peaceful. When the cavalry attacks, he witnesses the hideous massacre of five hundred peaceful Cheyenne, more than half composed of women and children, and realizes that Cresta was telling the truth. [Director: Ralph Nelson] [USA]

There Was a Crooked Man... (1970)
[Kirk Douglas, Henry Fonda, Hume Cronyn, Warren Oates, Burgess Meredith, John Randolph, Lee Grant]
A charming but totally ruthless criminal is sent to a remote Arizona prison. He enlists the help of his cellmates in an escape attempt with the promise of sharing his hidden loot. Charm, intelligence and success in criminal career doesn't prevent Paris Pitman Jr. to start doing ten years in prison, in the middle of the Arizona desert. However, those years should pass quickly because of a $500,000 loot previously stashed away. New idealistic warden would only make Pitman think of getting his fortune even sooner. He starts to manipulate everyone to achieve his goal. [Director: Joseph L. Mankiewicz] [USA]

Two Mules for Sister Sara (1970)
[Shirley MacLaine, Clint Eastwood, Manuel Fábregas, Alberto Morin, Armando Silvestre, John Kelly, Enrique Lucero]
Set in Mexico, a nun called Sara is rescued from three cowboys by Hogan, who is on his way to do some reconnaissance, for a future mission to capture a French fort. The French are chasing Sara, but not for the reasons she tells Hogan, so he decides to help her in return for information about the fort defences. Inevitably the two become good friends but Sara has a secret... [Director: Don Siegel] [USA]

Vamos a matar, compañeros [aka Companeros] (1970)
[Franco Nero, Tomas Milian, Jack Palance, Fernando Rey, Iris Berben, José Bódalo, Eduardo Fajardo, Karin Schubert]
Arms dealer Yolaf Peterson aims to make a sale to guerilla Mongo, but the money is locked in a bank safe, the combination known only to Professor Xantos, a prisoner of the Americans. Yolaf agrees to free Xantos, accompanied by reluctant guerilla Basco, but a former business partner of Yolaf's - John 'The Wooden Hand', has other ideas. [Director: Sergio Corbucci] [ITA-SPA-BRD] 

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