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• Man from Del Rio (1956) ČOVEK IZ DEL RIJA 
• Maverick Queen, The (1956) BUNTOVNA KRALJICA 
• Pardners (1956) PARTNERI  
• Pillars of the Sky (1956) NEBESKI STUBOVI 
• Proud Ones, The (1956) PONOSNI LJUDI 
• Raw Edge (1956) PRIMITIVNA STRAST 
• Red Sundown (1956) CRVENI SUMRAK 
• Searchers, The (1956) TRAGAČI 
• Seven Men from Now (1956) SEDAM UBICA 
• Showdown at Abilene (1956) OBRAČUN U ABELINU
• Star in the Dust (1956) ZVEZDA U PRAŠINI 
• Stranger at My Door (1956) STRANAC PRED MOJIM VRATIMA
• Tension at Table Rock (1956) NAPETOST U TEJBL ROKU
• Three Violent People (1956) TROJE ŽESTOKIH 
• Walk the Proud Land (1956) HODAJ PONOSNOM ZEMLJOM 

Man from Del Rio (1956)

[Anthony Quinn ... Dave Robles, Katy Jurado ... Estella, Peter Whitney ... Ed Bannister, Douglas Fowley ... Doc Adams, John Larch ... Bill Dawson, Whit Bissell ... Breezy Morgan, Douglas Spencer ... Sheriff Jack Tillman]
- Mexican gunfighter Dave Robles outdraws the town's outlaw-turned-sheriff and is invited to fill the dead man's shoes. But a tin star doesn't bring automatic respectability and Robles is shunned by the town's leading citizens. His popularity with its less-savory element, particularly saloonkeeper Bannister, wanes dramatically, too, as he starts to take his job seriously. It is his love for a decent, caring woman that keeps Dave in town, but can she convince him to lay down his gun and start a new life? [Director: Harry Horner] [82 min, Black and White, 1.85 : 1, Romance l Western, USA]
 U malo mesto po imenu Mejson dolazi novi revolveraš. Mali gradić Mejson je inače grad bezakonja koji je pod snažnim uticajem vlasnika saluna (bivšeg revolveraša) koji oko sebe sakuplja druge revolveraše i pravi pravi mali teror u gradu. Ipak, novi revolveraš ima tendenciju da promeni takvo stanje. Revolveraška i pomalo ljubavna priča "Divljeg zapada" sa dosta revolveraških obračuna.  



Maverick Queen, The (1956)

[Barbara Stanwyck ... Kit Banion, Barry Sullivan ... Jeff Younger, Scott Brady ... Sundance Kid, Mary Murphy ... Lucy Lee, Wallace Ford ... Jamie, Howard Petrie ... Butch Cassidy, Jim Davis ... The Stranger, Emile Meyer ... Leo Malone, Walter Sande ... Sheriff Wilson, George Keymas ... Muncie, John Doucette ... Loudmouth, Taylor Holmes ... Pete Callaher, Pierre Watkin ... McMillan]
- A Pinkerton detective goes undercover to infiltrate a gang of thieves whose boss is a feisty lady saloonkeeper. Complications ensue. Kit Banion, a Virginia-born beauty and product of post-Civil War chaos, has settled in Wyoming and prospered; acquiring a fortune and a hotel, which, like the owner bears the name of "The Maverick Queen". A title picked up by Kit in her earlier days in Wyoming when she took every unbranded steer and put her own brand on it. Love and trouble enter her life in the person of a Pinkerton detective posing as Jeff Younger, nephew of the infamous Younger brothers. He is dedicated to catching Butch Cassidy and the members of The Wild Bunch. [Les Adams, IMDb] [Director: Joseph Kane] [90 min, 2.35 : 1, Western, USA]
 Legenda o Buntovnoj kraljici, najopasnijoj ženi koju je Zapad imao. Buntovna kraljica privlačila je muškarce. U srce bi im se odmah uvukla. Nečime što je bilo u njoj od 16. godine. Gradić Stilvoter krajem 19. veka, u vreme kad su ljudi mislili da su oterali odmetnike koji su palili i žarili središnje pogranične krajeve. Ipak, neki su znali da ta pošast još nije iskorenjena. Kit Banion (B. Stanwyck) se posle Građanskog rata iz Virdžinije preselila u Vajoming, stekla bogatstvo i vlasnica je lokala. Već tada je dobila nadimak Maverik Kvin (Kraljica Maverika) jer je svako neobeleženo grlo stoke dobilo njen žig. Sada se i dalje bavi mutnim poslovima i u vezi je sa opasnim odmetnicima, Bučom Kasidijem (H. Petrie) i Sandensom Kidom (S. Brady). U potrazi za njima u grad stiže Pinkertonov detektiv koji se predstavlja kao Džef Janger (B. Sullivan). Kit Banion to donosi dodatne probleme u život jer joj se Džef sviđa...

Mohawk (1956)

[Scott Brady ... Jonathan Adams, Rita Gam ... Onida, Neville Brand ... Rokhawah, Lori Nelson ... Cynthia Stanhope, Allison Hayes ... Greta Jones, John Hoyt ... Butler, Rhys Williams ... Clem Jones, Barbara Jo Allen ... Aunt Agatha (as Vera Vague), Mae Clarke ... Minikah, Tommy Cook ... Keoga, Ted de Corsia ... Indian Chief Kowanen, Michael Granger ... Mohawk Priest, John Hudson ... Captain Langley, James O'Hara ... Sergeant (as James Lilburn), Chabon Jadi ... Dancer]
- An artist working in a remote army post is juggling the storekeeper's daughter, his fiancée newly arrived from the east, and the Indian Chief's daughter. But when a vengeful settler manages to get the army and the braves at each other's throats his troubles really begin. [Director: Kurt Neumann] [80 min, 1.85 : 1, Adventure l Romance l Western, USA]
 Džonatan Adams je bostonski umetnik koga šalju u dolinu Mohikanaca da naslika pejzaž doline i portrete domorodaca. Film koristi dosta sekvenci iz filma 'Bubnjevi duž Mohavka' iz 1939. godine. U Njujorku u 18. veku, doseljenik u mohikansku dolinu, Batler, želi da zadrži dolinu za sebe, pa je uznemiren kada stigne nova grupa doseljenika i upozori poglavicu Mohikanaca Kovanena da su doseljenici sa sobom doneli pošiljku oružja. Kovanen odbije da proglasi rat belom čoveku, objašnjavajući da ima dovoljno zemlje za sve. Kada Rokava iz plemena Tuskarora upozori da su beli ljudi uzeli zemlju njegovog plemena, Kovanenov sin Keoga organizuje ljude da ukradu puške iz utvrđenja. U međuvremenu, umetnik Džonatan Adams dobija zadatak da naslika pejzaž te doline pa se nađe rastrgan između naklonosti prema lokalnoj lepotici Greti i svoje verenice koja mu je stigla u posetu iz Bostona. Ali, stvari se dodatno zakomplikuju kada Džonatanovu pažnju privuče i prelepa Kovanenova ćerka Onida. 





Pardners (1956) 

[Dean Martin ... Slim Mosely Jr. / Slim Mosely Sr., Jerry Lewis ... Wade Kingsley Jr. / Wade Kingsley Sr., Lori Nelson ... Carol Kingsley, Jeff Morrow ... Pete Rio, Jackie Loughery ... Dolly Riley, John Baragrey ... Dan Hollis / Sam Hollis, Agnes Moorehead ... Mrs. Matilda Kingsley, Lon Chaney Jr. ... Whitey (as Lon Chaney), Milton Frome ... Hawkins, the Butler, Richard Aherne ... Chauffeur, Lee Van Cleef ... Gus, Stuart Randall ... Carol's Cowhand, Scott Douglas ... Salvin, Jack Elam ... Pete, Bob Steele ... Shorty]
- A rich momma's boy returns west with the son of his murdered father's partner to foil a gang trying to gain control of his family ranch. Martin and Lewis are sons of former ranch partners. Lewis, raised by his millionaire mother, follows visiting Martin back to the old West to learn how to be a cowboy. The ranch where Martin is foreman is in financial trouble, and with Lewis's unorthodox help, the good guys win out. [Director: Norman Taurog] [90 min, 1.85 : 1, Comedy l Western, USA]
 Legendarni dvojac Din Martin i Džeri Luis u ovoj vestern komediji glume prijatelje i partnere. Naime, Vejd (J. Lewis) je razmaženi mamin sin koji u svojoj želji da postane kauboj prati prijatelja Slima (D. Martin) na njegovom putu na Divlji zapad. Kada stignu u mesto Karson Valej, njihova misija potpuno je jasna - podle lopove koji kradu zemlju sa tamošnjih poseda podučiti lepom ponašanju. Naoružani pištoljima i pesmama, naši junaci menjaju Divlji zapad.

Pillars of the Sky (1956)

[Jeff Chandler ... First Sgt. Emmett Bell, Dorothy Malone ... Calla Gaxton, Ward Bond ... Dr. Joseph Holden, Keith Andes ... Capt. Tom Gaxton, Lee Marvin ... Sgt. Lloyd Carracart, Sydney Chaplin ... Timothy, Willis Bouchey ... Col. Edson Stedlow, Michael Ansara ... Kamiakin, Olive Carey ... Mrs. Anne Avery, Charles Horvath ... Sgt. Dutch Williams, Orlando Rodriguez ... Malachi, Glen Kramer ... Lt. Winston, Floyd Simmons ... Lt. Hammond, Pat Hogan ... Jacob, Felix Noriego ... Lucas]
- In Oregon Country, 1868, several tribes of Native Americans have been placed on a reservation north of the Snake River. Here Doctor Holden has built a church, and many of the tribes have accepted Christianity and Christian names. Sgt. Emmett Bell is in charge of maintaining order here. When the cavalry, under the command of Col. Stedlow, arrives, building a bridge across the river and intending to open a road across the reservation to areas north, some of the tribal chiefs feel their treaty has been violated. As the cavalry column advances into the reservation, Kamiakin vows to lead the tribes in battle against the encroaching white men. [Director: George Marshall] [Heck Allen (novel) (as Will Henry)] [95 min, 2.35 : 1, Western, USA]
 Oregon, 1868. godine. Nakon prihvatanja hrišćanstva indijanska plemena uglavnom žive mirnim načinom života, zahvaljujući najviše misionaru Džozefu Holdenu (W. Bond). Pretnju mira predstavlja najava izgradnje železničke pruge kroz indijansku teritoriju. Poglavica Kamiakin (M. Ansara) ne krije svoje nezadovoljstvo prugom, a narednik Emet Bel (J. Chandler) dolazi sa misijom očuvanja reda i mira između Indijanaca i doseljenika...




Proud Ones, The (1956)

[Robert Ryan ... Marshal Cass Silver, Virginia Mayo ... Sally, Jeffrey Hunter ... Thad Anderson, Robert Middleton ... Honest John Barrett, Walter Brennan ... Jake, Arthur O'Connell ... Jim Dexter, Ken Clark ... Pike, Rodolfo Acosta ... Chico, George Mathews ... Dillon, Fay Roope ... Markham, Edward Platt ... Dr. Barlow, Whit Bissell ... Mr. Sam Bolton]
- Marshal Cass Silver has to deal with his old nemesis, a corrupt gambler, and his hired guns come to town as well as recurring bouts of blindness. Marshal Silver is run out of town under suspicion of being a trigger-happy killer after shooting a hired gun of Honest John Barrett. A placid life in a new town is interrupted by the reappearance of Barrett, old enemies and the son of the hired gun from years ago, Anderson. [Director: Robert D. Webb] [94 min, 2.35 : 1, Western, USA]
 Kas Silver, šerif u malom kanzaškom gradiću, očekuje nevolje zbog dolaska teksaških goniča stoke novoizgrađenom železnicom. Džon Baret, vlasnik saluna, očekuje porast prometa i želi da se reši šerifa.




Raw Edge (1956)

[Rory Calhoun ... Tex Kirby, Yvonne De Carlo ... Hannah Montgomery, Mara Corday ... Paca, Neville Brand ... Tarp Penny, Rex Reason ... John Randolph, Emile Meyer ... Pop Penny, Herbert Rudley ... Gerald Montgomery, Robert J. Wilke ... Sile Doty (as Robert Wilke), John Gavin ... Dan Kirby (as John Gilmore), Gregg Barton ... McKay, Ed Fury ... Whitey, William Schallert ... Missionary]
- In 1842 lawless Oregon, a gunfighter seeks vengeance when his innocent brother is lynched and his beautiful Indian wife is claimed by the local tyrant. In the lawless Oregon country of 1842, local magnate Gerald Montgomery decrees that any unattached woman belongs to the first taker. Dan Kirby is lynched, starting a stampede to claim his half-Indian wife Paca. Trouble starts with the local tribe, but worse is in store when Dan's tough brother Tex rides in. The zeal of Montgomery's men to protect him from Tex is tempered by their lust for Hannah, who'd be his widow. [Director: John Sherwood] [76 min, 2.00 : 1, Western, USA]
 Radnja filma se dešava u Oregonu 1842. godine. U atmosferi totalnog bezakonja, lokalni zemljoposednik Džerald Montgomeri obnaroduje objavu kako svaka žena koja nema svog muškarca postaje "slobodan plen" i da je može prisvojiti prvi koji naiđe. Den Kirbi biva linčovan zbog sukoba oko prava na poluindijanku Paču. Do komešanja dolazi kada se lokalno indijansko pleme pobuni zbog ovog vida eksploatacije. Ali, pravi problemi nastaju kada se u gradu pojavi Denov surovi brat Teks sa željom da osveti svog brata. Da bi to uradio, mora ući u sukob sa Montgomerijem koji poseduje pravu malu vojsku. Dodatni motiv biće mu i zanosna Hana... 




Red Sundown (1956)

[Rory Calhoun ... Alec Longmire, Martha Hyer ... Caroline Murphy, Dean Jagger ... Sheriff Jade Murphy, Robert Middleton ... Rufus Henshaw, Grant Williams ... Chet Swann, Lita Baron ... Maria, James Millican ... Bud Purvis, Trevor Bardette ... Sam Baldwin, Leo Gordon ... Rod Zellman, David Kasday ... Hughie Clore, Terry Gilkyson ... Title Song Vocalist (voice)]
- When his life is saved in a shootout by a fellow gunman whose life he in turn had saved, Alex Longmire promises to give up his way of life. Riding into town he finds the only job available is deputy to sheriff Jade Murphy, an honest man caught between small farmers and a local cattle baron. And he has a pretty daughter. So Longmire decides to stay and see if he can use his expertise with firearms for good. [Director: Jack Arnold] [Lewis B. Patten (novel)] [81 min, 2.00 : 1, Western, USA
 Kad pogine njegov prijatelj, revolveraš se zaklinje da će napustiti život odmetnika i nastaviti da živi pošteno. U novom gradu gde želi da započne život jedino mesto na koje se može zaposliti je zamenik šerifa. Hoće li uspeti da zakopa svoju prošlost i živi pošteno?

Searchers, The (1956) 

[John Wayne ... Ethan Edwards, Jeffrey Hunter ... Martin Pawley, Vera Miles ... Laurie Jorgensen, Ward Bond ... Rev. Capt. Samuel Johnston Clayton, Natalie Wood ... Debbie Edwards - Age 15, John Qualen ... Lars Jorgensen, Olive Carey ... Mrs. Jorgensen, Henry Brandon ... Scar, Ken Curtis ... Charlie McCorry, Harry Carey Jr. ... Brad Jorgensen, Antonio Moreno ... Emilio Gabriel Fernandez y Figueroa, Hank Worden ... Mose Harper, Beulah Archuletta ... Look, Walter Coy ... Aaron Edwards, Dorothy Jordan ... Martha Edwards]
- A Civil War veteran embarks on a journey to rescue his niece from an Indian tribe. Ethan Edwards, returned from the Civil War to the Texas ranch of his brother, hopes to find a home with his family and to be near the woman he obviously but secretly loves. But a Comanche raid destroys these plans, and Ethan sets out, along with his 1/8 Indian nephew Martin, on a years-long journey to find the niece kidnapped by the Indians under Chief Scar. But as the quest goes on, Martin begins to realize that his uncle's hatred for the Indians is beginning to spill over onto his now-assimilated niece. Martin becomes uncertain whether Ethan plans to rescue Debbie...or kill her. [Director: John Ford] [Alan Le May (from the novel by) (as Alan LeMay)] [119 min, 1.75 : 1, Adventure l Drama l Western, USA]
 Itan Edvards (J. Wayne), povratnik iz Građanskog rata, vraća se u rodni Teksas na ranč svog brata, nadajući se smirenju u krugu ljudi koje voli. Međutim, pleme Komanča napadne, razori farmu, ubije članove njegove porodice i otme dve ćerke, Debi (N. Wood) i Lusi. Sa preživelim nećakom Martinom (J. Hunter), koji je polu-Indijanac, i momkom starije Lusi, Itan kreće u potragu za nećakinjama... Nakon što otkriju da je Lusi ubijena, ubijen je i njen momak, pa Itan i Martin sami nastavljaju potragu za devojkom, koja ih vodi do indijanskog poglavice Skara (H. Brandon). Kako potraga traje, Martinu se počinje činiti da ujaka sve više ispunjava izrazita mržnja prema Indijancima. Zbog toga posumnja planira li Itan uopšte spasiti dete ili mu je na umu čista osveta... Džon Ford je reditelj sa rekordnim brojem osvojenih Oskara za režiju - čak četiri (Potkazivač, Plodovi gneva, Kako je bila zelena moja dolina, Miran čovek). Iako film "Tragači" nije bio ni nominovan za spomenutu nagradu, njegov je ugled godinama rastao, tako da ga je ugledni filmski časopis Sight and Sound 1982. i 1992. godine uvrstio među deset najboljih filmova svih vremena. Film stavlja težište na psihološki razvoj glavnog junaka, borca protiv Indijanaca, nošenog netrpeljivošću i osvetoljubivošću kao i na njegov složeni odnos sa ostalim likovima, od kojih svaki nosi u sebi nešto tragično. Uz neponovljivog Džona Vejna, na glumačkom popisu nalaze se Fordov drugi omiljeni glumac Vard Bond, Vera Majls, i sestre Vud, Lana kao mlađa, a Natali kao nekoliko godina starija, oteta devojčica.




Seven Men from Now (1956) 

[Randolph Scott ... Ben Stride, Gail Russell ... Annie Greer, Lee Marvin ... Bill Masters, Walter Reed ... John Greer, John Larch ... Payte Bodeen, Don 'Red' Barry ... Clete (as Donald Barry), Fred Graham ... Henchman, John Beradino ... Clint, John Phillips ... Jed, Chuck Roberson ... Mason, Stuart Whitman ... Cavalry Lt. Collins, Pamela Duncan ... Senorita Nellie, Steve Mitchell ... Fowler, Cliff Lyons ... Henchman, Fred Sherman ... The Prospector]
- A former sheriff blames himself for his wife's death during a Wells Fargo robbery and vows to track down and kill the seven men responsible. Ex-sheriff Ben Stride tracks the seven men who held up a Wells Fargo office and killed his wife. Stride is tormented by the fact that his own failure to keep his job was the cause of his wife's working in the express office and thus he is partly responsible for her death. Stride encounters a married couple heading west for California and helps them. Along the way they are joined by two n'er-do-wells, Masters and Clete, who know that Stride is after the express-office robbers. They plan to let Stride lead them to the bandits, then make away with the loot themselves. But they aren't the only ones carrying a secret. [Director: Budd Boetticher] [78 min, 1.85 : 1, Western, USA]
 U pljački je ubijena žena bivšeg šerifa Silver Springsa Bena Stridera (R. Scott) za šta se on oseća krivim. Nakon što je Strider ubio dvojicu od sedmorice pljačkaša, kreće u potragu za ostalima. Na tom putu susreće bračni par Eni (G. Russell) i Džona Grira (W. Reed), koji žele u Kaliforniju u potrazi za srećom, kao i bivšeg prestupnika Mastersa (L. Marvin) koji mu je spreman pomoći, ali i okoristiti se. Kao i obično, ništa nije takvo kakvim se čini... Ovaj vestern, zahvaljujući scenaristi i reditelju, poprima napetost trilera iznenadnim obrtima i neizvesnošću.




Showdown at Abilene (1956)

[Jock Mahoney ... Jim Trask, Martha Hyer ... Peggy Bigelow, Lyle Bettger ... Dave Mosely, David Janssen ... Verne Ward, Grant Williams ... Chip Tomlin, Ted de Corsia ... Dan Claudius, Harry Harvey ... Ross Bigelow (as Harry Harvey Sr.), Dayton Lummis ... Jack Bedford, Richard H. Cutting ... Nelson, Robert Anderson ... Sprague (as Robert G. Anderson), John Maxwell ... Frank Scovie, Lane Bradford ... Loop]
- The blazing story of the great Abilene range War! After the Civil War, Confederate Jim Trask returns to his native Abilene to find his sweetheart engaged to his old friend Dave Mosely who's leading the cattlemen in a feud against the farmers. Jim Trask, former sheriff of Abilene, returns to the town after fighting for the Confederacy to find everyone thought he was dead. His old friend Dave Mosely is now engaged to Trask's former sweetheart and is one of the cattlemen increasingly feuding with the original farmers. Trask is persuaded to take up as sheriff again but there is something about the death of Mosely's brother in the Civil War that is haunting him. [Director: Charles F. Haas (as Charles Haas)] [80 min, 2.00 : 1, Romance | Western, USA]
 Džim Trask (J. Mahoney), bivši šerif Abelina, vraća se u grad nakon borbe za Konfederaciju u Američkom građanskom ratu. Svi su mislili da je mrtav. Njegov stari prijatelj Dejv Moseli (L. Bettger) sada se sprema za rat rančera protiv farmera, a njegova verenica (M. Hyer), misleći da je poginuo, udala se za Dejva. Trask je uveren će kao šerif uspeti da spreči sukobe i reši situaciju.

Star in the Dust (1956)
[John Agar ... Sheriff Bill Jorden, Mamie Van Doren ... Ellen Ballard, Richard Boone ... Sam Hall, Coleen Gray ... Nellie Mason, Leif Erickson ... George Ballard, James Gleason ... Orval Jones, Randy Stuart ... Nan Hogan, Terry Gilkyson ... The Music Man, Paul Fix ... Mike MacNamara, Harry Morgan ... Lew Hogan, Stuart Randall ... Jess Ryman, Robert Osterloh ... Rigdon, Stanley Andrews ... Ben Smith, John Daheim ... Jiggs Larribee (as John Day), Stafford Repp ... Leo Roos]
- The sheriff of Gunlock is planning to hang Sam Hall, who shot three farmers found on cattle land, at sundown. At the casino, betting is 8 to 3 he won't make it. The cattlemen are set to rescue Sam; the farmers hope to lynch him before he can be rescued; and Hall schemes for escape with his girl Nellie. But Sheriff Jorden is most concerned with finding out who hired Hall: a leading suspect is the sheriff's future brother-in-law. [Director: Charles F. Haas (as Charles Haas)] [Lee Leighton (novel)] [80 min, 2.00 : 1, Western, USA]
 Šerif (J. Agar) u Ganloku namerava da odvede na vešala Sema Hola (R. Boone) zbog ubistva trojice farmera. U kockarnici padaju opklade hoće li u tome uspeti ili ne, većina se kladi da neće...



Stranger at My Door (1956)

[Macdonald Carey ... Hollis Jarret, Patricia Medina ... Peg Jarret, Skip Homeier ... Clay Anderson, Stephen Wootton ... 'Dodie' Jarret, Louis Jean Heydt ... Sheriff John Tatum, Howard Wright ... 'Doc' Parks, Slim Pickens ... Ben Silas, Malcolm Atterbury ... Rev. Hastings]
- Notorious outlaw Clay Anderson and gang rob the town bank and flee in separate directions. Riding hard, Clay's horse goes lame and he is forced to pull-up at a nearby farm. He soon discovers that the place belongs to local preacher Hollis Jarret, his new wife, and a son from a previous marriage. Clay, posing as a weary traveler, tries to insinuate himself into a secure hideout, but the reverend isn't fooled. He agrees to allow Clay to remain at the farm for a few days, but his motive isn't the preservation of his family's safety. Hollis reasons that, with time, patience and a lot of faith, he can convince the outlaw to turn over a new leaf. But Clay's criminal tendencies may run deeper than the preacher had imagined... [Chris Stone, IMDb] [Director: William Witney] [85 min, Black and White, 1.66 : 1, Action l Adventure l Drama, USA]
 Ozloglašeni odmetnik Klej Anderson (S. Homeier) i njegova banda pljačkaju banku i beže u različitim smerovima da bi izbegli šefirovu poteru. Klejov konj počinje šepati i on je prinuđen da zaklon potraži na obližnjoj farmi. Otkriva da farma pripada lokalnom propovedniku Holisu Džeretu (M. Carey), njegovoj ženi Peg (P. Medina) i sinu iz prethodnog braka "Dodiju" (S. Wootton). Predstavljajući se kao umoran putnik, nastoji da dođe do bezbednog skrovišta, ali propovednik ga je prozreo. Uz pomoć supruge i sina, pokušaće da promeni zloglasnog odmetnika koji traži utočište na njihovoj farmi...

Tension at Table Rock (1956)

[Richard Egan ... Wes Tancred, Dorothy Malone ... Lorna Miller, Cameron Mitchell ... Sheriff Fred Miller, Billy Chapin ... Jody Burrows, Royal Dano ... Harry Jameson, Edward Andrews ... Kirk, John Dehner ... Hampton, DeForest Kelley ... Jim Breck, Joe De Santis ... Ed Burrows (as Joe DeSantis), Angie Dickinson ... Cathy, Paul Richards ... Sam Murdock]
- A reluctant gunslinger tires of having to defend himself at every cow town he visits, so he adopts an alias and continues his wandering. At an outpost run by a father and young son, he gets involved with a robbery in progress, and agrees to take the son to the boy's uncle, a sheriff in Table Rock, for his safety. Once there he finds the town gearing up for the arrival of a cattle drive and the unruly cowboys. He strives to remain uninvolved as the sheriff tries to get his help with the cowboys, but the sheriff nurses bad memories from an earlier incident that may threaten his effectiveness. [Director: Charles Marquis Warren] [Frank Gruber (novel)] [93 min, 1.37 : 1, Western, USA]
 Čovek kao "Šejn", napetost kao u "Tačno u podne". Sve to u filmu "Obračun u Tejbl Roku".

Three Violent People (1956)
[Charlton Heston ... Capt. Colt Saunders, Anne Baxter ... Lorna Hunter Saunders, Gilbert Roland ... Innocencio Ortega, Tom Tryon ... Beauregard 'Cinch' Saunders, Forrest Tucker ... Deputy Commissioner Cable, Bruce Bennett ... Commissioner Harrison, Elaine Stritch ... Ruby LaSalle, Barton MacLane ... Yates, Peter Hansen ... Lt. Marr, John Harmon ... Mr. Massey, Ross Bagdasarian ... Asuncion Ortega, Robert Blake ... Rafael Ortega (as Bobby Blake), Jamie Farr ... Pedro Ortega (as Jameel Farah), Leo Castillo ... Luis Ortega, Don Devlin ... Juan Ortega]
- When Confederate officer Colt Saunders returns to his Texas ranch after the war he finds his lands wanted by carpetbaggers and by corrupt provisional government commissioners Harrison and Cable. Former dance hall girl Lorna, masquerading as a lady, meets and marries Confederate ex-officer Colt Saunders, returning to his rich Texas ranch. Everyone there is enchanted with Lorna. But the carpetbag government is set to grab all the big ranches, unless the ranchers (led by Colt) decide to fight. And one of the carpetbaggers knows Lorna's secret. [Director: Rudolph Maté] [100 min, 1.85 : 1, Western, USA]
 Čarlton Heston je kapetan Kolt Sanders, vojnik poražene vojske američkog Juga koji se posle građanskog rata vraća kući u Teksas, na svoju farmu. Upoznaje prostitutku Lornu (A. Baxter) koja se predstavlja kao dama iz visokog društva i njih dvoje posle kratke romanse odluče da stupe u brak. Zbog jedne velike poreske prevare Kolt bi mogao ostati bez farme, zbog čega se njegov brat Tomas, suvlasnik imanja, odlučuje na prodaju. Bivši kapetan se ne slaže sa njegovim planom oko prodaje porodičnog imanja i odluči da se bori za svoju zemlju. Međutim, Tomas jedini zna Lorninu tajnu i koristi je kako bi je ucenio i izvršio pritisak na Kolta.



Walk the Proud Land (1956)

[Audie Murphy ... John Philip Clum, Anne Bancroft ... Tianay, Pat Crowley ... Mary Dennison, Charles Drake ... Tom Sweeny, Tommy Rall ... Taglito, Robert Warwick ... Chief Eskiminzin, Jay Silverheels ... Geronimo, Eugene Mazzola ... Tono, Anthony Caruso ... Disalin, Victor Millan ... Santos, Ainslie Pryor ... Capt. Larsen, Eugene Iglesias ... Chato, Morris Ankrum ... Gen. Wade, Addison Richards ... Gov. Safford, Maurice Jara ... Alchise]
- Indian Agent sent to try new approach to peace with Apaches based on respect for automomy rather than submission to Army. Wins over reservation chiefs and the Indian widow (Bancroft) given to him as housekeeper. Through use of diplomacy and demonstrations of faith in Apache leaders, reservation is put on the road to automomy. Conflicts arise between Apache widow and Eastern wife but latter has a lot to learn. [Director: Jesse Hibbs] [89 min, 2.35 : 1, Biography l Western, USA]
 Indijanski agent je poslat da pokuša novi pristup miru sa Apačima. On više poštuje njihovu autonomiju od potčinjavanja vojsci. Zadobija poverenje poglavica rezervata i indijanske udovice koja mu je data kao kućna pomoćnica. Koristeći diplomatiju sa demonstracijom poverenja u Apačke lidere on uspeva da privede posao kraju. Jedini veći konflikt nastaje između Apačke udovice i belkinje koje...

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